About Me

-- Documenting life via blog-posts --

Hey guys!! I'm Allison and welcome to my blog!

I'm from New York City - born and raised. ❥

I began this blog in October of 2014 as a fashion blogger. I was - and still am - really into fashion and styling so I started blogging as a sort of online fashion diary, but to also help others in any area of fashion (ie. look books, advice, styling tips).

As a student at The New School I was really able to narrow my focus and interests. There, I found that writing was something that I was not only good at - but that I loved to do. I have been reading and writing my whole life so it makes sense this is my path!! Traveling is a big part of my life; going to a new place and experiencing a new culture. Going to a new place and being a cheesy tourist is what I live for ;)

Combining my love of writing, fashion, and traveling that is what I want this blog to me - and hopefully my long term career. I could see myself freelance writing, blogging and hopefully writing novels that will be published someday - and maybe even films!

Places I've traveled:

USA //

New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania,
Washington D.C, Connecticut, Massachusetts,
Rhode Island, Virgina, South Carolina, Georgia, 
Florida, Illinois, Texas, Arizona, Nevada, California, Hawai'i


Italy, Ireland, England, Kosovo, 
Montenegro, France, Spain, Portugal

Caribbean Islands
The Bahamas, Turks & Caicos, Curaçao

Los Cabos, Cancùn

I hope you love my blog as much as I do. xoxo