Hiking to Devil's Bridge in Sedona, AZ

October 03, 2018

I have a huge list of things I want to see in Arizona // hiking to the Devil's Bridge in Sedona was at the top! I actually planned on doing this in May, when I visited here, but because of the intensity of the hike we thought we would wait!!

I'm going to give you guys a real experience & review of this BEAUTIFUL location!
A spot that you definitely should have on your bucket list ☽ //

My 4 Major Tips:

1) Wear appropriate clothing. You're in the desert where it's either excruciatingly HOT or FREEZING. I wore jeans to keep my legs covered from the sun & bug bites! I also wore a light sweater with a tank under so I could take it off when I got hot. I also wore hiking shoes. You cannot wear Nike, Adidas, Converse, ETC. Sure, they're cuter than hiking shoes. But life is also cuter than falling to your death or breaking a bone...JK!! (kinda... lol) ;)

2) This is an intermediate hike. Beginners, be wary! I am somewhere between a beginner and intermediate hiker. This was my first MAJOR hike and I struggled a bit with my fear of climbing (on hands and feet at the same time) and going up hills. However, I'm very active, I bike a lot, take long walks, and exercise; yet I still felt this as a bit of a challenge. 

You're probably looking at these photos wondering what it is .... that's part of the hike.

3) This hike is 1 hour up & 1 hour down (without stopping). I recommend this as a half of day trip! Come either for a sun rise, mid-day, or sunset when the lighting is perfect for all those 'gram pictures ;) The walk to the trail up to the bridge is 30 minutes and the walk up to the bridge is 30 minutes (again without stopping for photos, water, etc). The walk back is actually more difficult, as you need to crab walk your way down from the bridge, and the walk back to the parking lot is up hill for most of the walk. So plan on bringing some sandwiches, extra waters, and stop along the way back!

4) The hike is worth the view. So pack a ton of waters, all your cameras, and have fun!

Would I do it again? Absolutely. I already have a trip planned back there :')