Dumbo, Brooklyn

September 05, 2018

My days in New York are coming to an end. I'd been wanting to visit Dumbo, Brooklyn for some time now, and so Dafina and I visited it during sunset. The view was outstanding. 

This post is mostly photos, less text, but I needed to share these photos here 

it was so fun shooting the city from these different angles / the city seemed less crazy and condensed

i love these shots / you can see the brooklyn bridge from such a unique angle, and i've never seen it photographed from this way. :'~) we were on this really cool rooftop (i'm not sure the name!) but shoutout to dafina for finding it! 

and now, for the true sunset. where the sky falls in love with the city. and reflects over us.

i hope you guys enjoyed these photos :'~)
and thank you soooo much dafina for your patience & photo skills.