Best Foods in NYC!

September 12, 2018

It took me hella long to create this blogpost for you guys (about two months!) because I really wanted to compile the best places to eat in NYC (mostly Manhattan), and really photograph them well for you guys, as well as writing a detailed description on them, and location!!

warning: don't read on an empty stomach ;)


Loco Coco // Upper East Side

This açaí/smoothie joint is one of the BEST I have stumbled upon. Finding it was an accident, in fact. I was looking for another açaí restaurant when it turned up to me not what I was expecting. So just a few blocks from my apartment did I see Loco Coco! The inside is so cute (with a neon sign), but it is tight, with just 2 bar seats, so go early! My favorite is the Purple Rain <3 So much fruitiness ;')

Bagel Works // First Avenue

Bagel Works is a bagel shop on the Upper East Side that has the best bagels I've ever tasted. As a New York native, and someone who has always love bagels, I can say with confidence this joint is my favorite. I've tried many in Brooklyn, Queens, West Village, the Lower East Side, and Upper West Side. Bagel Works has the fluffiest, most tasteful bagels I've had, and I would highly recommend making your way here if you have the chance! A true New York bagel. It's not commercialized at all, just a neighborhood bagel place, but I do recommend getting there early on weekends as the line tends to be out the door!

Big Daddys // Gramercy

Big Daddy's is a fun vintage style diner that is great if you're looking for an all American meal, or breakfast for dinner! It's fun to sit and look around at all the vintage shows, movies, music, and more. My favorite meals to get are usually breakfast because it's the most fun meal of the day of course!


Macbar // SoHo

Macbar is a Mac & Cheese shop in SoHo. It's connected to the infamous Delicatessen, but it's just Mac & Cheese, and really it's a "grab & go" kind of place. However, you can actually sit & eat there, but the restaurant is super small. It's actually in the shape of a macaroni, lol! 

Shake Shack // Madison Square Garden

I decided to photograph the Madison Square Garden location because that was the first Shake Shack EVER. None of this Upper West Side, Times Square, Penn Station -- LAS VEGAS, ARZIONA, stuff! NO. This is the first, and original place. And honestly, I'm not totally happy for the millions of locations Shake Shack has added. Yes, they did it to make alot of money and make it more accessible to people. But I remember being 11, and when my grandfather visited, we stood in an hour line for the SHAKE SHACK burger! It made the burger 100% more special.

ANYWAYS. It's such a good burger so of course I had to add it to this list. But if you are planning on visiting the city & you want a Shake Shack burger, head to Madison Square Garden :)

The Butchers Daughter

A classic, I know. But I only recently tried it and decided it needed to be added to the list! I love to get their salads with smoothies because it's a perfect combination of being healthy, and getting full! My favorite salad is the Watermelon Ricotta!!


Fuji Habachi // Times Square

Props to my bestie, Nakira, for showing me this place because the food is sooooo good! It's a Japanese hibachi place (duh, lol!) but I'm not a huge fan of that kind of food, so honestly I just get a few appetizers & chicken teriyaki! (I forgot to photograph the chicken to apologies!) The chicken is so fresh & cooked at right the right speed & temperature making it chewy, and tasty. I highly recommend that for a main course, but splitting it with someone, because it's super big! My favorite appetizers to get are the Avocado salad, and the edamame beans! For the Avocado salad, they put sesame seeds on top making it tastes so good... I'm craving it so hard now just typing about it! I also like getting the edamame beans because, besides it being one of my favorite foods, they cook it right just, adding a ton of salt on top, which is how I like it (RIP arteries). And, I also get a side of white rice for the table.

Pizza Park // Upper East Side

Pizza Park is right next to Bagel Works... so you can kill two birds with one stone. It's the best pizza I've ever had in the city. Similar to Bagel Works, I've had so many types of pizza, and I've come to find this is the best (to me, of course)! They are very well priced, and their pizza is SO cheesy, and delicious! It is the classic New York City pizza.


16 Handles // Upper East Side

I've been going to 16 Handles since I was in middle school. They have a location around East 10th street and 2nd Avenue, I believe, and I hope it's still there because that was the OG place! Luckily, there's a location on the Upper East Side near me that I go to way too many times ;) What I love about 16 Handles is that although I'm lactose intolerant, their frozen yogurt doesn't hurt my stomach. With that being said, I also don't have too much of it, and I know my limits but they are the best FRO-YO places I've been to! They have a ton of flavors (16 lol) and always mix it up based on the season.

Juice Generation // Union Square

Hands down Juice Generation my favorite juicery! I love getting the Citrus Super C .... ugh, I'm craving one just thinking about it! It's so sweet, and citrus-y, and unfortunately this is just an NYC based company BUT if you're visiting, or live here, I highly recommend this be at the top of your list! You can get Acaî bowls, salads, smoothies, even vegan free treats!

Milk & Cereal // SoHo

I actually found this spot right when it opened, and thought it was such a neat idea for an ice-cream shop! You can literally have breakfast for an after dinner snack!

Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory // Dumbo, Brooklyn

This is such a fun, old style, ice cream shop in Brooklyn that I stumbled upon while in Dumbo. The line was pretty long (and cash only) but being lactose intolerant, as I mentioned before, the ice-cream was very light, and didn't hurt my stomach. They have so many cute, original flavors (and some not-so), and I recommend checking this place out if you're visiting Brooklyn on a hot summer day!

Lizzmondae // Dumbo, Brooklyn

I stumbled upon this cute lemonade stand in Brooklyn, and I'm always up for a good lemonade! They are very unique in flavors, and come on, their name is just so cute! They mix and match a ton of flavors to bring you the best "lizz"monade, and I'm temped to keep going back just to have some! It's located right next to the Brooklyn Bridge on the Dumbo side!

It took me soooo long to create this post for you guys, and I hope you enjoyed it. It's compiled of years after living (born & raised) in New York City! I'm not a HUGE foodie, I will admit, I'm bland and still eat like I'm But I have expanded my palette, and these are some of my favorite places! I hope you try some of these out & let me know how you like them :~)