Tips on How to Use Props for Photoshoots

August 01, 2018

I've been wanting to do a blogpost on how to take lifestyle photos/using props for your Instagram, blog, or even personal photos. I did my best to compile my favorite photos with the props I've used for some tips for your guys <3 <3

Open for the goodies ;)

1) Anything can be a prop.

Props don't always have to be some wild, big, elaborate item to make your photo stand out. A prop could merely be a food item, a background, sunglasses!

The thing to remember about props is that they are there to make your photo look more "natural" more of a casual lifestyle photo. So, instead of taking a photo of just me, or just my outfit, or just my food, I combined them into one to create a "sunday morning breakfast vibe" photo! 

By adding my açaí bowl and my sunglasses, I've created such a casual breakfast morning illusion, literally without doing anything fancy!


2) Make sure your props match your photo theme.

I've seen SO many lifestyle photos with different props, and backgrounds, that just don't seem to match the theme they're going for. 

Recently, I had been wanting to take a very summer beachy feeling photo, at the beach with some props. I thought a half of watermelon (thanks dad), and a vintage polaroid camera would do the trick. 

Balanced summer lifestyle photo: beach, watermelon, a camera, a colorful shirt. 

As you can see below: everything seems to match within the photo scheme I'm going for. If I were to take these exact photos standing in a meadow, or on a city sidewalk it would look to out of place. A meadow & a city sidewalk are better for other kinds of photoshoots and props! So play around with locations & access to various props!


3) Let your location set the mood.

I can't tell you how many times I've seen the most random sponsorships, or props, added to a random location. A haircare product advertisement at the Eiffle Tower?!? Where does that fit in? Use a baguette, or a shopping bag, or a map of Paris. This kind of ties in with my previous tip of setting a theme.

I'd been wanting to row on the Central Park boats for a while & Dafina, and I decided to finally go :') I knew I wanted to bring a prop to add a little spark to the photos, instead of it being just me, and the city as the background. I brought a bouquet of white flowers! I thought it really added to the nature/park vibes AT the park, while also added some beauty to the photo, and gave me something to focus on besides being photographed!


It's also great to add touristy props to travel photos! You can use your travels to be super creative and test new things!



4) Be natural

The best things about props is that they allow you to be natural. They allow for "messy" photos to look more put together and full.

I took some photos down by the Flat Iron building, and decided to grab a NYC newspaper, to tie in my city vibe I was trying to go for. By adding just ONE newspaper, all of the sudden my photos came out in such a different way I wouldn't have thought of.

As you can see, my feet are up on the table giving a way a casual morning newspaper reading. Had I not had the newspaper, I probably never would have thought to take a photo like that, and yet I feel it's so unique to me and I haven't seen it before.



I hope these tips helped you guys out! Lifestyle photos can be sooo fun to play with when it comes to props, backgrounds, accessories and outfits --BUT very tricky so I hope these tips helped clear some things up for you guys who are struggling, and even inspire!

Also, I'm thinking of writing an e-book on How-To Social Media! So if you guys would be interested in that hit me up (it would be super cheap, like $10 or something). :)