August 06, 2018

I can now add Lollapalooza onto my list of festivals I've been to! I was so excited to finally experience it for myself & I wanted to share it with you!!

Lolla is located in Grant Park in Chicago -- it's amazing because if you're in the city, it's basically walking distance from anywhere! From our hotel it was about 25 minutes which isn't bad at all! I love to walk so it was perfect for me!

For my outfit I wore a lace two-piece set from Princess Polly which I loooved! I don't normally wear all black so it was fun for me to accessorize & add color to the outfit (my sunnies).

Something I had heard about Lollapalooza was that it was trashy. Personally I don't like that phrase, but it wasn't too far off. I wouldn't use the word trashy, but more like irresponsible. I totally get that at festivals it's all about having fun, drinking, and listening to music. But nowadays, I think it's an excuse for people to drink & smoke, and act uncaring for their own health. We got to Lolla around 3pm, and just in 30 minutes waiting to GET INTO to the festival, we saw 4-5 girls being hauled away by paramedics after either passing out, or getting too sick to stand. It was day ONE and they hadn't even made it in. It was honestly sad to see so many young girls abusing these things to try and be "cool" or show off, rather than just enjoy themselves!

They had a few cute areas to take some pictures & relax before the bigger acts came on. We went to see Khalid & Travis Scott, so before the concerts we walked around & explored, went into the Lolla shop, and got some food! They did have a variety of food, but honestly nothing too special for me to try, so I had pizza & Marisol had Chipotle! 

The music was AMAZING! Nothing beats listening to music LIVE. The energy. The lyrics. The feeling. The beat. The magic. UGH. Nothing compares!

Soo many people climbed dup these speaker units that the cops eventually came!!


All in all, I would totally recommend Lolla! We only did one day of the festival & I feel like 1-2 days is plenty! You can get there early on one day to walk around & explore, but then come again at night for the music acts! The best thing about music festivals are seeing so many great people at a cheap price! So if you did want to do 4 days, by the 2-4th day you could totally just come to see the music acts!