Gantry State Park, New York City

August 22, 2018

Yesterday I went to a really cool spot in the city, that I'd always wanted to go to, for a shoot with two of my friends!! I hope you guys enjoy some of the pictures we shot :~))

Gantry State Park is located in Long Island City, about a 5 minute walk from the 7 train, and from the 7 train it's just one stop from Times Square!! I would totally check it out if you're ever around the city! It's secluded and quiet PLUS you get such a great view of the city!

Just look at this view :')

(PS shoutout to my friend Josiah for taking these amazing photos!)
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(my set is from FREE PEOPLE!)

I absolute loved how the photos came out & the location spot!

We also took some photos by the Pepsi Cola sign which I'll share with you below! <3

And lastly, I wanted to share with you some photos we took in front of the Long Island sign. While this isn't 'officially' Long Island - like the Long Island I grew up on, I still loved taking pictures here :')

I hope you guys enjoyed these photos! Not much text, but I really wanted to share some of these with you guys, because I looove them!