Exploring Barcelona!

July 02, 2018

I'm finally getting around to editing my photos from Spain! Along with a photo diary, I want to share some of my tips, tricks, and favorites from Barcelona!!

We stayed in Barcelona for only three days but we discovered that 3 days was more than enough to explore the city, see major attractions, shop, and even go to the beach! Luckily we stayed in a great hotel which was in walking distance from EVERYTHING! We stayed at the Marriott Renaissance Barcelona Hotel on Pau Claris, 122

my dress is from asos!

Our first day was spent exploring the neighborhood a bit, stumbling upon beautiful churches, and a bit of shopping. Immediately, I was stunned by the beautiful architecture of the buildings -- I'm a huge fan of decorative railings and potted plants on terraces. We also made it to the Arc de Triomf, which is similar to the one in Paris, and Manhattan.


On our second day, we visited Park Güell, which as I discovered you need an admission ticket for! You need to purchase them in advance and select a date/time for your visit. Luckily, I discovered this the day before we left for our Europe trip and we were able to plan accordingly! The park had designs from Barcelona's infamous architect Antoni Gaduí. The textile patterns were gorgeous, and ever little detail of the park was just exquisite. I would 100% recommend visiting this park; it is small & can get crowded, so I recommend visiting early!

The Gauí house (Casa Battlo) is another must-see place! The building is so beautiful, and funky, really. Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to visit inside, but I'm hoping next time I visit I can go inside :) Gauí was a true visionary and I was such in awe of the details!

We also visited La Boqueria Market which is a fruit, meat, smoothie, market! I would highly recommend putting this at the top of your list! The fruit, and smoothies, were so rich and fresh; however, keep in mind that it's not a place to SIT and eat your food, so don't go on an empty stomach. Maybe pick up some fruit on your way to the beach, or to have a picnic in a park, or something like that!

Another must-see place is the Sagrada Família church. When we arrived, I was stunned when I turned the corner, I was stunned by how big and tall it was. It seemed to stretch up far into space. The church is yet, another, infamous Gaudí design. The inside of the church is alluring; so many beautiful colors, and designs on the walls, and ceilings. 

I would highly recommend visiting the beach! How cool would it be to swim at the beach in Spain?! I can answer that: amazing! I'm a HUGE beach lover, ocean lover, swimmer! The water was just the right temperature, and so fun to swim in! The beach itself, was crammed, and there were a ton of people trying to sell you things, but we probably weren't in the most optimal place either!

Another must-see spot is the Ciutadella Park! The front desk woman at our hotel recommended this spot and we were shocked when we arrived! It was unexpectedly beautiful, big, and filled with different activities. Look at how beautiful this fountain spot is!!! You could spend a whole afternoon at this park, get some ice-cream, and read a book.

I had so much fun in Barcelona & I hope you guys enjoy this post... I have a Madrid blogpost coming soon so stay tuned, but in the mean time check out my Spain vlog on youtube!