Disneyland Paris: YAY or NAY?

June 27, 2018

I was lucky enough to experience Disneyland Paris during my recent trip to Paris!
Being an avid Disney World go-er (about 15 times in my life), and Disneyland go-er (about 5 times), I thought I'd share with you all my thoughts + a bit of a review on my experience there!

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We stayed in the center of Paris, so for us, we took the metro (subway) to Disneyland. It was easier than anything we had done in Europe!! We got on at the Auber station, and took the Marne-la-Vallèe train, which is the stop for Disneyland. When we got off the entrance to Disneyland was right in front of us, we walked straight into the bag check line, and were right in!

I would highly recommend the subway because when you get off, and on, the train at Disneyland it's closer than any other option you could take! Plus, it's fun to ride the train! 

There are two parks at Disneyland Paris (much like the one in California).
We started off at the Walt Disney Studios Park!


This side of the park has about 10 rides, so you can easily do this in 2-3 hours, and I would recommend doing this side first. The first ride I went on was the Ratatouille ride since it is one of my favorite movies; it was very different than most of the rides at Disney! We sat in a Remy cart and were given 3-D glasses because most of the ride was moving between rooms, and watching Remy as he was preparing the kitchen. The car moved in various rooms, at various speeds, much like Remy would, and it was really fun and interesting. 

8/10 rating

The next ride we went on was the Crush's Coaster ride which was by far my favorite ride of the day. We waited in an hour + thirty minute ride but it would've been worth a 4 hour wait! It reminded me of Space Mountain, structurally, in the sense that it's an indoor roller coaster (semi) in the dark! You're sailing the East Australian Current with Crush; it's super fun, and definitely one to put on the top of your list!

10/10 rating

Those were the only two rides we went on in that park, partly because we were ready to get to the Disneyland side, but partly because the Toy Story land side that they have didn't look too appealing to us! It was very easy to navigate the park, and they had a ton of snacks around, shops to keep you entertained while you're walking from ride to ride! We had some lunch, and did a bit of souvenir shopping, before finally making our way to the Disneyland Park side.


At first, it was a little confusing walking from park to park, but they actually make it really easy. When you leave the WDS side, you walk through a courtyard past what looks like a hotel, into an area for them to scan your tickets. Once you're in, as at every Disney, you walk down main street with the sight of the beautiful Princess castle.

We thought we would check out some of our favorite rides to see if she should get fast passes, but happily we discovered, we never needed them as lines were no longer an 45 minutes per ride. Surprisingly, the park was not crowded at all. It was pleasant to walk along the sides of the castle, through the castle, weave in an out of little shops, and food huts.

The first ride we went on was the Peter Pan's Flight ride, and we were very impressed with the design of this ride. If you have ever been on it, you would know you sit in a mini pirate ship boat that flies over London/Neverland and going through the movie. The ride in Paris, felt a lot more like you were actually flying on the ride, instead of gliding as it feels to me at the Anaheim or Orlando rides. The graphics were much sweeter, they added more stars that looked so beautiful, and the graphics were much better!

The next ride I want to talk about is It's a Small World; this ride had alot more features in it & showed countries differently. My favorite part was London; they had a bridge with a trolly car on top, and it was very eye-catching and cool to look at! Egypt and America were also very cool to look at!

Besides Crush's Coaster, and Ratatouille, another new and fun ride for me to try out was the Indiana Jones Temple de Pèril! It was a very fun, exhilarating roller coaster - super different than the Disney World Indiana Jones event - which is actually a show! This roller coaster reminded me of the Big Thunder Mountain on steroids! LOL. It had a 360 degree turn, a lot of drops, and very fun twists & turns. Next to Crush's Coaster, it was my favorite ride of the day, and not a lot of people were in line/on it so it was definitely something unexpected! The Big Thunder Mountain ride had a very long wait and I bet it was due to people's lack of knowledge this ride existed!

They kept the classic Snow White ride here at Disneyland Paris; in Orlando they changed it to the Seven Dwarves Mine Train (which is my favorite ride ever, next to Splash Mountain). But it was nice to experience the old classic ride :') Be wary, there was a lot of the evil queen in this ride, so little kids may be frightened! But at the end, it all works out, and Dopey is very cute ;) ;) ;)

The land itself, was gorgeous, I love to see when Disney takes care of each building & fixture to make it feel like you're in a different world... because you are!

Something really cool we discovered was an Aladdin walk through area. You walk through the movie, basically, and see the famous scenes throughout. I thought this was a very unique addition to the park, while keeping the classic rides around, and the classic movies.

My favorite part of the Disney merchandise they have in Paris are the stuffed animals. Yes, I am 23 years old, but they had ALL the classic/old Disney collections. They also had a ton of characters I hadn't seen before in stuffed animal form - Pleakley & Jumba from Lilo & Stitch, Timon & Pumba from The Lion King, Scar & Mufasa from the Lion King, all seven Dwarves (yes I bough them all). SOOO beautifully made, and satisfied the 90's kid inside of me :-')

Similar to the Aladdin walk through, for Alice in Wonderland they had a fun maze you had to get through, to get to the little building where you can go on the roof and see a view of Disney from the top. It was an actual maze! We got lost a couple of times but we made it ;)

aaaaand, that's about it!
I hope you guys enjoyed this blogpost! It took me so long to write everything out & really think about what my experience was. Over all it was a 10/10 for me! I had heard that Disney parks outside of Florida, and California weren't good but I had a very fun time! I would highly recommend it for you guys if you're planning a trip to Paris; or are one day planning to come! The thing to remember is: you are not at Disney World Orlando. you are not at Disneyland California. You are at Disneyland Paris; it will be different, not everything will be the same - but it is still Disney.