Central Park Babes

July 18, 2018

I finally went to Central Park for the boating! I've never done it before and it took Dafina & I along time to finally go ;) but it was so much fun, and the views were amazing.

here's to an hour on the boats, 200 photos, and two silly best friends <3


The boats are open from 10am - 6pm, so be mindful of the times, but also be mindful that the later it gets the more crowded it gets! Dafina and I met up around 11am on a Thursday morning and it was relativity empty, but by the end of our excursion it was crowded. 

It was super cheap - just $15 for an hour - and the max amount of people you can have on the boat is 4 people, so that's a really good price split amongst 4 people (even 2!) 

the dress i'm wearing is from luca and grae, i've been obsessed with maxi dresses lately, and this is one of my favorite ones!! of course i had to photograph in it! 

i'm going to be doing a video on ways to photograph for lifestyle videos, and even shoots, using props, different angles, & locations! i hope it comes out nicely for you guys! i'm working hard on it :'~)

i hope you guys liked this blogpost & all these photos! major shout out to dafina for her amazing photography skills ;~)))