Styling Bikinis as Everyday Outfits

May 29, 2018

With summer quickly approaching, I have been finding myself obsessing over bikinis for the new season, and in the summer I find myself wearing mostly bikinis! So I put together this lookbook on how I style bikinis with everyday outfits, that look cute & not sooo beachy! xxx

I'll show you how I style bikinis as everyday outfits in which you can wear them anytime, anywhere! Open for more :~))


For my first outfit I went with a classic look, and a one-piece, so it isn't so obvious that I'm wearing a swimsuit! I went with a simple one piece, which I go into more detail below, and some low-rise shorts. The look of bodysuits, or one piece swimsuits and low-rise denim shorts are such a thing for me. I love the casual feeling of how they look, along with the minimalism that went into the look, so you can accessorize the look up. 

With this look, the accessories I went with were thin framed, cat eye sunglasses, that personally I think add an edgy touch! I also styled a straw purse with the look as I think the "straw" aspect of the bag adds a very beachy, summer-y feel to it! And, finally, I added a big hat for the same reason as the purse. The hat adds such a statement to the outfit allowing it to really complete the look as a whole!

My swimsuit piece is from Urban Outfitters & I was so in love with it when I saw it on the website, that I picked it up for myself. I'm not a huge fan of one pieces, unless they have something unique and the reason for picking it up. With with piece, for me, it was the cut out detailing on the side of the suit along with the metal circles.

The next look I styled a nude colored bikini, from Frankies Bikinis, with a pair of mid-rise shorts from Brandy Melville! For this look I love the pop of color from the shorts and tie at the front of the bikini, it creates a stand out outfit that everyone will be turning heads at!

For this look I went more simple with the accessories. I wore white slides with a red snake detailing on it to enhance the red in this outfit; and my favorite RayBan sunglasses! Sunglasses are always a must for these outfits as they tie in nicely with the theme. I also added layered necklaces over the top to make a statement, and not to have the look too bare with the nude color of the top!

The third outfit is alot more dressy, but would be care for a Hamptons party, or even a walk along the beach date look! In this look, I styled a pair of high wasted denim skirt with the really cute chain detailing on the side with a bra-style bikini top from Triangl, again! I love the color block, which is why I went for a darker bottom look, to add a bit of flare to it. I chose a pair of heeled sandals as a way to give some attitude to the outfit and I love how it came out.

I hope you enjoyed this little lookbook of how I style bikinis as every-day outfits! In the summer, I like to dress light & with as little as possible, as it's very hot & humid in the city (and most other places, too!) So I hope this helps you gain some inspiration & you enjoyed it