Brooklyn Bridge Babes

May 18, 2018

I woke up at 7am to meet my best friends at the Brooklyn Bridge to do a little shoot... and it's easily one of my favorite shoots I've ever done ◡̈

Brooklyn Bridge Babes...

for my look, i went for something colorful & bright! i'm wearing a dress from asos, that i think is very flattering, and came out nicely thought this photoshoot. ♡ 

it was so fun to set up shots with props, and different backgrounds to test out.
i think the photos came out so cute & i hope you enjoy them. but of course, new york city is the best prop you could ever use ;)

my new favorite things is going to different parts of the city to capture it from different angles, times of day, and scenery. 

if you're planning on heading to the brooklyn bridge to photograph, my tip is to get out their early, and walk throughout the whole bridge! test out different spots, locations, angles, and poses. 

you'll capture the city at moments, and times that will come out beautiful, as you will of yourselves

so much thanks to my lovely friends, dafina & ardiana, for their patience & love & helpfulness for helping me capture photos i exactly wanted