The Weekend Edit

April 20, 2018

a moment of time during the weekend in new york city

it was finally beautiful enough out to wear a romper, get some blooms, and feel the sun on my skin.
scroll for outfit deets + some tips i have if you're planning on visiting NYC this year!

my jumpsuit is from urban outfitters, i love how comfy and casual it is while still be flirty & girly; my purse is from chloè and it's absolutely perfect for the spring time!

if you're planning on a weekend in new york here are my tips & recommendations!

1. when it's hot - it's hot! so dress light, and comfortable, and try not to carry to much with you. my chloè bag is the perfect size for my phone, wallet, sunnies, and lipstick. you know, the necessities.

2. try to avoid the "touristy places" late in the day. if you want to visit rockefeller center, soho, times square, empire state --go early!! if you don't you'll be in a mess of crowds - sticky and annoyed!

3. go down to the village for lunch and try to sit outside. it's so beautiful to sit outside, have a cheese board, and enjoy the sounds + sights of manhattan. it's so calming and refreshing.

fresh blooms <3

thanks for stoppin' by!
hope you liked it -- i'll see you for a new post soon!