3 Spring Looks!

April 17, 2018



So for the Spring I already know I'm going to be head to toe in dresses and heels, so I thought I'd put some outfits together for you guys that I think are perfect for the Spring, besides just the dress + heel combo! 😂

OUTFIT #1: Chill Wraps

I love this outfit! So appropriate for the Spring time as the sleeves are long, but the back is open, leaving much room for Spring breezes! I'm wearing my favorite shorts at the moment from One Teaspoon; they're so flattering on and I love how comfy they are, too! My top is from Tiger Mist, and it's totally not my style, but I think it's cool to try out new things, because I ended up LOVING how it looks on me, especially with my high wasted shorts! My shoes are from Free People, and they're my new favorites-- they're a totally western vibe, and it's another style I don't always wear that I love.

OUTFIT #2: Can't Ever Go Wrong with Jeans + Cropped

This outfit is very easy to recreate! It's a great Spring outfit consisting of jeans, a white tank, some flats, and a cropped hoodie! Can you get any more Jennifer Aniston than that? Probably not. I wasn't expecting this to be an outfit I would love when I put it on that morning, but the simplicity of it, along with the added accessories (flats, a belt, and the cropped hoodie) it became an outfit I will definitely be re-creating this season!

OUTFIT #3: Real Real

This is another one of my favorite dresses for the Spring time! This one is from Realisation; I was so happy I was able to pick up a piece from them, as I admired them on Instagram for quite a while. The fabric is pretty thin which makes it perfect, and so dainty for the Spring time. You can pair a dress like this with literally anything making it super versatile! I added some heeled sandals from Franco Sarto to add some hight + attitude!! 

Hope you guys liked this post!! Check out my instagram for more outfit photos ---> allison.wanders