23 Things I Learned in 23 Years

March 16, 2018

Today I turn 23...scary.

But, here are some things I learned in 23 years....

people are temporary. for good and for bad.

always be kind to people.

the world is so much bigger, and better, when you travel in it.

friends are the greatest people in your life. hold them close.

a college degree is so rewarding to have.

you have to work, hard, in order to achieve anything.

it’s okay to have lazy netflix days.

your body is beautiful any form, shape, or size because it’s yours.

happiness is a choice, and it is hard work.

the world does not revolve around you. so lend a hand to those in need.

you hold the key to all your dreams. you just have to find the right door to unlock.

you can do anything you want, as long as you work for it.

i want to be apart of a community.

i have so much to offer.

always remember to breathe.

my dreams, hopes, wishes, and interests are MINE; no one else's.

you can do anything if you dream, and work hard enough.

age is just a number.

my creativity is unique, and rare

it's okay to be alone.

self confidence goes along way with almost anything, and everything.

traveling the world is so much more than just seeing the world, it's being the world.

i will live a long, long time