7 Exotic Places I Want to Visit

January 30, 2018

As a world traveler I've been expanding my horizons on places I want to travel. I'm sort of out of that "going to every European city" phase because I live in NYC, and have been to Europe. (Not that I don't want to visit other places in Europe/or will never go back) I just want to break out and travel the other amazing continents! I want to see the countryside, or beachside of other amazing places.

Open to see 7 exotic places I hope to visit within the next few years :)

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Tanzania, Africa

I would love to visit Africa, and see animals in their natural habit, and their home. There's so much of the world I'm not familiar with, and have no clear idea what it's like, and I would love to experience  visiting many parts of Africa!

Krabi, Thailand

I'm actually planning a trip to Krabi for March/April, and I'm very excited. It looks so luxurious and so much like a dream. I really want to spend time swimming, and exploring the oceans in Krabi, as well as the culture and greenery (nature)! 

Great Barrier Reef, Australia

Another place I'm planning on traveling to this year! I've always wanted to swim in this beautiful ocean and lose myself amongst the aqua life. It looks like such a dream and it's some place completely new, and exotic!

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Giza, Egypt

I've always been fascinated with Egyptian history, and I would love to visit the pyramids of Giza. Besides that, I would love to ride camels, and experience the history of Egypt!

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Kenya, Africa

Another place in Africa I would love to visit; to experience a new life of people, culture, and nature. In Tanzania, I would love to visit the beach and tropical vibes too, but for Kenya it would be all nature, and culture experience.

Faroe Islands, Iceland

The Faroe Islands look breath taking. All of the waterfalls, mountains, and nature look like a fairyland. I would love to visit this beautiful island of the coast of Iceland. It would be a brand new place for me - I hardly ever visit chilly, foggy places, but I'm so looking forward to it.


Hallstatt, Austria

I've always wanted to visit Austria to see their history, and architecture, but Hallstatt looks amazing, and like a very cute little town!

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I hope you enjoyed this post!! Let me know some amazing places you've been to/or would like to go to! xxx