Victoria Beach!

November 20, 2017

Hey guys!! I'm in CALI...what! Kind of last minute trip... 
... and I really wanted to visit Laguna Beach!

When doing research I found that on Victoria beach they have a really sick tide pool to swim in... welllllll, I didn't clearly do enough research b/c the tide wasn't high enough to even fill the tide pool. But honestly, all was well. (I didn't even have a bikini on so I wouldn't have been able to fully swim in it)

But I did do a SICK photoshoot in my new outfit (from Blue Life), and it turned out amazing!
Shout out to my beautiful new camera - the Canon Eos 6d <3

i had so much fun here, and really fell in love with Laguna Beach!
what a dream...

stay tuned for more posts....