Top 10 Travel Tips

October 15, 2017


1. Have a good traveling buddy.

Having someone you're in sync with, get along with, and who wants the same things as you, when it comes to traveling is so important. It makes for an easier, and more enjoyable trip. I went to Italy with someone who liked to see things, go explore, take photos - and everything we wanted to do we both wanted to do. It was such a pleasure. As opposed to when I went to Coachella with someone who rather wanted to stay on her phone than engage even in a sentence with me. Not fun!

2. $$$$$$ SAVE SAVE SAVE $$$$$$

Start a budget as soon as you can. If you plan a trip with someone for "next summer" and it's 8 months away, start a little fund. Put $100 in a savings account, or something! It's great to have an over all idea of a budget (ie. you know Germany will be more expensive than Florida), and it will help you save! Work more hours at the store, or pick up babysitting jobs on the side, don't buy so much clothes or go out drinking a lot! You'll be surprised how much you can save by giving a couple of things up for a while.

3. Take a couple of months to research, and plan!

This might seem obvious - but don't spend an hour looking at the touristy places you want to go! Look on pinterest, instagram, youtube, even google, to find cool places you want to see! My best friend Marisol and I found two amazing places in Dallas - both in the country, and not near us, to horseback ride, and kayak! It beat any trip we took to the downtown area or mall! Sometimes the best places are the ones you can't find on a map. Find cool places. I like to google "cool walls in ______" or best coffee shops, or cutest clothing store, picture taking places, etc to the place I'm going! You may find something you didn't see the first time you were doing research. Take a couple of hours over the course of the amount of time you have to travel.

4. Plan out your flights, and hotels accordingly.

This I have found really helpful in planning vacations! Sometimes it's better, and cheaper, to get up at 4am for a 7am flight - have the entire day in wherever I'm traveling - than it is to take an afternoon flight and get there at night. Do you want to go at night & pay for an extra night at a hotel just because you didn't want to get up early the next morning? It won't make a huge difference just to sleep at the hotel that night. Plus, most flights are cheaper the earlier in the morning they are!

5. Do research on the place you want to go to.

 Map out how far each place you want to go to is from one another. It's really helpful to know where things are in relation to one another. I usually just do something like "colosseum to trevi fountain" for example, into google. It's great, and essential for planning your trip day-by-day because you can save yourself a lot of back and forth, and just enjoy the place!

6. Plan out how much $$ you're going to spend when you're there.

It's expensive enough to plan a trip - hotel, airfare, transportation. But now that you're there-- you need to know how much things will cost! If it's international - look at the countries currency in comparison to yours. Buy tickets to places ahead of time, in your own country, with your own currency. That is essential. Dafina and I bought everything (mostly) for Italy from our computers in a Starbucks in New York City - six months before our trip. It also helps cut the costs when you're on your trip - and saves you the trip of waiting in line! Knowing how much you're going to plan on spending there (ie. $100 a day on food, $300 for shopping, $300 for extra things) helps you have a budget, and remain in that budget.

7. Plan where you want to go, how long you should stay there, and how long you will actually be doing things there.

Research on what to do, and how long you should stay in one place!! A place like Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, San Francisco, Chicago you can do in just 4 days! But some places like Rome, Germany, Hawaii, California, or Norway you want a week or two for example! Make sure you give yourself enough time to see everything, without having to run around. Talk to people, read blogs (like mine), to gain tips on that!

8. Get an idea of transportation.

Driving? Do they have a subway system? These are important things to research! The costs - too! For Dallas, Texas Marisol and I planned to rent a car - but looking at the costs of renting, insurance, and all that it made more expensive. So we Uber-ed everywhere! We spent about $120ish per person, as opposed to $500-600 on renting the car, insurance, and gas!

9. Make sure you get an idea of the currency, food, language, etc.

This might seem obvious, but when you're trip planning, see how good or bad the currency is compared to your home country. When I went to Ireland, about ten years ago, the Euro was so bad to the USD, that I had a $35 grilled cheese on our first night!! I'm picky when it comes to food, so I have to make sure what where ever I go I will find something to eat! Places like Italy, Spain, Mexico, London, etc are easy for me because I like the food - but somewhere like Turkey would be tricky for me. But of course, I would never let that stop me! I would google Turkish foods, and restaurants to get a sense of foods I could have while I'm there. And, finally, it's always a good idea to get a sense of the language/culture. It's respectful to be aware of greetings, farewells, and thank you's to say to the locals when you're visiting a new place!

10. Go because you actually want to travel, not because you see others are doing it - and you want the same things too.

Traveling is the big things right now. So many bloggers, and influencers are traveling to amazing places right now and everyone wants to go where they're going! While that is perfectly okay, and how most people discover new things - don't travel because you want to get cute Instagram photos, to get famous, or make people jealous. It will be obvious, and it will show. Trust me, I've seen it. I love to travel, and I've gone to many places but I like to spread them out. Spreading them out helps me appreciate where I've been, and get exited for the next trip. Just be genuine with everything in your life. That's what makes everything worth it :)