Work Attire + Experience in Working Retail

September 27, 2017

I'm going to talk alllll about work outfits + working in retail today :O 

For the past couple of years I did a couple of odd jobs - working as a basketball game manager at a college, some babysitting, selling clothes on poshmark (which I still do & do really well from actually) but when 2017 rolled around, it was time for me to get a real job. To stick my neck out in the work field, gain experience, and fill up my resume.


At the start of 2017, I began working for a sports club in Manhattan. My best friend at the time, was the general manager, and gave me a front desk position. I had a set schedule, and payment schedule. I was making minimum wage, clocking in and out, and receiving payment every two weeks. I gained a lot of experience in handling responsibilities: I opened the club three times a week, organized the front desk, got towels ready, set up the computer, and made sure the main floor was neat, and organized. From opening until about 10-11am when the manager, and other employees arrived, I had to deal with any problems that came my way.


In the summer of 2017, I was done working front desk - I felt I got more than enough experience, and was ready to work retail. The important thing, I've learned about retail, is that it is not easy, but it will prepare you for so much! I work for Papyrus, and I have learned so much about the way the store sets itself up, shipment, back stock, replenishing, and of course all customer service. So many jobs now require customer service experience, and working at a card store can help prepare me for jobs in the future. Every place want someone with experience in working with people, and managing service. I looove Papyrus! It's low-key, the responsibilities are easy to manage, and when I make mistakes I learn so much. Of course, like any jobs, there are challenges, but that's why they call work 'work!' I've been working there for about 5 months now, and have already learned so much!

I dealt with a lot of anxiety about working - socially, and generalized anxiety, which I was diagnosed with. I was nervous about being around new people, afraid of messing up, or not being able to handle it. I started with baby steps (college basketball games & babysitting) then I moved to a sports club with more responsibilities, and then moved up to retail with way more responsibilities. Starting off with baby steps is a great way to move up! Of course it's better to start as soon as possible, but it's never too late!


Now that you heard a little of my experience - here are some looks I wear a lot for work, that are appropriate, and comfortable, and still cute ;)

For this first look, I'm wearing a pair of creme jeans, with a blue sweater. For my job, we aren't allowed to wear prints, to sweaters are perfect - especially since it's getting cooler out! I added a long necklace for an accent, and accessories, as well as my cute Gucci shoes :)

For the second look, I'm wearing another sweater, and some leggings! These leggings are super comfy, and great for work! I decided to wear my Chanel boots, they're black, and simple - along with some gold jewelry so the look isn't so plain!

For the third look, I'm wearing a plain hunter green top which I love, with some black high wasted jeans. I went for a white cardigan, and my white pointy-toed shoes from Everlane! This is one of my favorite looks, and most comfortable ones!

I hope you guys found this helpful!! xx
I'll do a lot more life posts like this soon!