How I Edit My Instagram Photos + More

September 07, 2017

I wanted to do a little instagram editing, theme building, and all those itty bitties!
Personally, I love seeing how people edit their photos, what apps they use, and other tips on creating a nice theme! I know themes were such a thing like 2 years ago now, but who cares! A ton of people still do it - and want to, so I thought I'd add my tips :~)

The biggest thing for me when it comes to an Instagram feed, is having all of my photos edited with the same filter! For filters, and other editing tools, I use VSCO cam (as does everyone ;)) I try to have a theme for each season (summer, fall, winter, spring).

So I will show you how I edit my photos for the summer, and the upcoming fall season!

Summer Theme:

For my feed, for the most time I like to stick with every other photo being me, and something else. Example: a selfie, then a flat lay, outfit photo, then a picture of the beach etc. I don't stick with this 100%, but for me that's how I think it looks the cleanest. I don't like a lot of clutter on my feed (close ups, or a ton of things in one photo).

When it comes to choosing my photos, on the photo app, I like the photos I want to use at the moment or in the future, and then load them into VSCO.

I play around with the arraignment, and which I think would bring out the best feed.

So for my summer feed, I used the C4 filter on vsco. It's a light pink/whitish feel, and depending on the lighting of the photo I would brighten the exposure but 0.5 - 1; any brighter would have been too white.

Fall Theme:

If you're looking to (pumpkin) spice up your Instagram for the Fall, here's how I'm going to be arraigning, and setting up my photos, and theme! I've already started a bit, which is why I made this post now, because it's the perfect time to shift your theme!

I used filter A1, which is a light brown rustic color, with a 4.0 grain to make it a bit grainy, and vintage!

My favorite filters that bring out the best in photos, to me, and the ones I've used are

A4, C1, C4, E4, HB1, HB2, P5, T1,


How to delete people from photos:

For this I use PicsArt.

First I open the photo in the app, then I hit the tools button, and select clone.

For this we will be cloning the background, and next to the subject we want to delete.

Adjust the size of the circle you want to erase, for this I used a bigger size because as I zoomed in, the man in the photo is larger than the circle.

Then I select the space around it, and click onto the subject.

You'll have to play around with it, so it looks more realistic, but you get the general idea :)

How to make a photo whiter & brighter:

For this I use the app Facetune.

Again, select your photo, and  import it into the app.

You'll click the whiten tool, however, this app doesn't give you a wand, or brush so you just have to use your finger and carefully look. Zooming in on the photo is the best way to see the change. Just use your finger, swipe back and forth, to whiten! :)

Here's a small example, I didn't want to white the entire wall for the sake of time, but you get the idea!!!

How to make a photo look vintage:

For making a photo look vintage, I use both the app VSCO Cam & Afterlite!

So I start off by importing a photo into VSCO to select the filter!

For this I chose A4, to make it look more dark/fall-ish/brown etc. I turned it down to 8.6 for a little less coloring.


Then I take the edit, and import it into Afterlite. I select "dusty" because it adds breaks, dusts, grains, etc!

2, and 10 are my favorites.

For the purposes of this post, I will use 10!

I turned it down to 67 so it wasn't tooo dusty!

So you of course, can just use that on it's own! It's a great way to make a photo look old, and dusty!

I also have another way, to make photos look like film photos, and vintage as well!

For this tutorial, I will just be using VSCO.

I usually don't use a filter for this, if you'd like to, maybe bring it down a little less than half way, because you really want the coloring of the vintage-ness to stand out!

So I start at the end of the features, and I click "Shadows Tint". I like the yellow one, I think it looks closely like to a film picture the best. I bring the coloring way down because you don't want to drown out the photo.

Then I add grain, again I'll adjust it to how I feel necessary, I added a lot for this photo as it wasn't showing up the way I liked.

Then I'll bring the exposure down, to add to the grainy and old feel, we're trying to get.

Here's the finish product :)

WOW, that was a lot! But, I hope you found it helpful, and use these tips for your Instagrams, Blogs, etc xx