Sequoia Restaurant || Georgetown, Washington D.C

August 18, 2017

A few weeks ago, I went to the Sequoia restaurant in Georgetown, Washington D.C and I felt I needed to do a proper review, and let you guys know about it! It was one of the best brunch/buffet's I've ever been to!

First thing I must stress: MAKE A RESERVATION! We made a reservation about two days before, and when we got there the hostess couldn't take walk-ins because they were all booked! So luckily we got a reservation :)

We took the 10am brunch time, and when we first got there they were a little behind, finishing cleaning some tables, but totally understandable. We wanted to eat outside, and the hostess originally told us no, which upset us. However, she didn't let it go, and was able to sit us back outside. We were very impressed, and pleased with that kind of diligent service!

The set up of the restaurant, and the food, was beautiful! All of the colors were simplistic, making the colors of the food really stand out.

The choices of food, and the amount of food seemed endless! 

My suggestion is to start by categories: 
Appetizer, salads, meats + veggies, seafood, or another bigger dish, 
then a light after meal appetizer to get those pieces you missed or want more of, 
and then dessert!

(my food combinations are weird + crazy, I know hehe)


Mmmm!! So many desserts, and yummy treats!

I hope you enjoyed this, and try out Sequoia soon!! It will be more than worth it :)