Newseum of Washington D.C

August 04, 2017

I recently went to the Newseum in Washington D.C and I cannot stress enough how how beautiful, amazing, and fascinating this museum was!!

In museums I like to start down from the top, and work my way down, so at the top of this museum they have along the wall "Today's Front Pages" which are newspapers from parts of the world, and all over the U.S of that day you're visiting! It was so cool, and such a neat idea to do! 

After - we roamed around into a room that focused on music, and musicians when it comes to the news. A lot of musicians were, and still are, influenced by politics and the news. The museum had various artists sectioned off by decade. In each case had objects owned, importance of the artist, and the time period.  

Next, was my favorite parts, newspapers from 1493 until present day! I'm such a history buff, so seeing big headlines from every year, until 2017 was amazing! It's so cool to see the evolution of news print, and stories, from the 1400's until now! Most of the news prints from the 1400-1600s were mostly art drawings, and words. 

Depending on the event or time period they were covering, they had various objects to help bring that time period to life. For example, they had two signs - one for colored, and white passengers. These were actual signs used - and it really put things into prospective. 

From 9/11 they had all the newspapers from around the world, showing their documentation of the attack. It was a beautiful section, and they curated the area so nicely, a great commemoration! 

They sectioned off the freedoms, we as American's have that are in the constitution, and put artifacts in the cases to show how each freedom is, and materials that represent them.

They had some editorial cartoons, from this previous election! Cartoons are a key element to news, as they depict so much emotion, and truth, and some non-truth, through opinions. Opinions are nearly half of the news, and prints.

Here's an artifact from a gun down, as you can see those are bullet holes in the vehicle. Amazing.

They had some interactive activities too! Check me out on t.v ;)

Here was my other favorite section. The best photographs taken by photo-jourliaists. Breath. Taking. Honestly, you could spend a whole hour in this section. You have to really look at every photo to feel what was happening. 

I hope you enjoyed this, and check out the Newseum next time you're in D.C!