Breaking into Autumn

August 30, 2017

Autumn is just around the corner & I did a mini lookbook on some of my favorite trends, and looks for the season <3

Crop Topped //

Really cropped tops, like the one I'm wearing, are so in right now! I got mine from AreYouAmI, which is the brand that really took made this trend :~) I'm also wearing a cropped hoodie - another trend, set by Danielle Guizio which is exactly where I got mine :~) I'm also wearing yet ANOTHER trend -- zip up denim jeans. The zipper detail is such a statement, and up coming trend that I'm loving! Mine are from Topshop... I'm also wearing my Gucci loafers, Cèline purse, and some RayBan sunnies for accessories <3

Orange Me

I'm wearing get another super cropped top in this look, with a much notable orange bomber jacket! The orange is such a statement, and brings out Autumn vibes in my look! My jacket is from Forever 21, along with my "crop top" aka just a bikini top ;) I'm also wearing the same jeans as I was in the last look, because they're perfect for these statement looks! My sunnies are new, and from VogueEyewear in collab with Gigi Hadid <3 I'm wearing simple, statement, boots from Zara for those chilly days, and Autumn nights.


Yet again, here I am rocking a trend set by Danielle Guizio! The cropped hoodie look, which I picked up from DG in January. I love the hunter green color, as it's perfect for Autumn! I styled it with a jean skirt from Urban Outfitters - this look is perfect for an Autumn night when it's still warm out but there's a breeze! For shoes, I threw on some heeled black mules, which are a statement for Autumn, and the VogueEyewear x Gigi Hadid sunnies!

see ya next time <3 <3 <3 <3