Weekend in Washington D.C

July 19, 2017

I went on a four day trip to D.C and it was so much fun, and I really felt one with this nation <3 

On our first day, we got there around noon on Friday, and I looked up 'cool art walls' on google to find cute places to take some photos. This one, below, of a Wave came up, and I just had to take some photos by it. I'm such a beach, water babe, so naturally it was like home!


After the wave wall, we headed to our hotel the JW Marriott, and across the street was a restaurant Cafe du Parc which was seafood specialty! My mom got a lobster sandwich, and I got a huge plate of muscles! They were phenomenal! 

We headed to the Museum of American History which was curated beautifully! They have sections on the first ladies, civil rights movements, our founding fathers, television iconics, new inventions, and so much more!

After spending nearly three hours in the museum, we decided to take a walk - we walked to the Washington Monument in the National Mall. The National Mall stretches from The Capitol all the way to the Lincoln Memorial - and in-between are the Washington Monument, and The White House.

(view from our hotel!)


On our second day, we bought tickets for a trolley to take us around D.C. While D.C is definitely a walkable city, some of the infamous memorials, and sites are quite far. (i.e.. the jefferson memorial, lincoln memorial, arlington national cemetery) and it's not a driving city either! A trolley/tour bus is definitely the way to go because you pay a reasonable price to be driven to the most popular spots!

Old Town Trolleys is one of my favorites! I took their tour in Savannah, GA and loved it!


We stopped at the Lincoln Memorial which was beautiful! He's one of my favorite presidents, and this memorial does him justice! The view from him, down the National Mall, was breathtaking!
My advice is walk around the entire memorial, you can actually circle all the way around it - and it's really cool! You'll get some amazing views, and pictures!



Just sit and admire the view of the state that represents who we are: Americans.

After the Lincoln Memorial, we piled back onto the trolley to Arlington National Cemetery. It was beautiful, sad, and a great tribute to those who have died, and served our country. We first stopped at JFK, and Jackie Kennedy's grave. I'd never been there before, and it was really nice.

The tomb of the Unknown Soldier, is a must see! He represents all those soldiers who cannot, or have not, been identified, and we still remember and thank them. We happened to make it for the changing of the guards, and it's very ceremonial. If you're going in the summer, they change every half hour - and every two hours in the winter! The tomb is guarded 24/7 365 days a year!! 

After Arlington, we stopped by The Capitol. I wanted to walk around it, take some photos, and just see it up close! We then walked to the Supreme Court, and to the Library of Congress. 

The inside of the Library of Congress is just beautiful. The ceilings, and architecture of the building is beautiful! It deserves a look inside just for that! In the LOC you can see Thomas Jefferson's library, and his hundreds of books! You can see various archives from the 1700's, and 1800's. And so much more!

(Hidden Wonder!) 
This is the alley where John Wilkes Booth escaped after killing President Lincoln -- it's on F Street, around the corner from Ford's Theater! It's really cool to see!

We stopped in Madame Tussauds! It's a pretty small one compared to Vegas, San Fran, NYC but nonetheless worth it! You can see all the presidents - which is my favorite, and the reason to go! 

Ford's Theatre

We had a huge lunch at 3pm -- which was our first meal of the day, so for dinner that night we ordered pizza from the hotel room service, and swam in the pool for the night :)


On our last full day, we took a drive out to Georgetown, D.C, which is now, one of my favorite places! 

We had brunch at this amazing restaurant, on the water, (that I'm going to do a whole blogpost on) Sequoia! FAB FAB FAB!

(some sneak peaks to the upcoming post!)

After brunch, we wandered up and down M street, which was the shopping district!
Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, Brandy Melville, & Other Stories and so much more :)

Had to get an infamous Georgetown Cupcake!!! And, I'm not a sweets person - I almost didn't get one, but holy cupcake it was AMAZING!!!!



some of my fave pick ups!

After Georgetown, we planned on going to the Newseum - but I wanted to stop by the famous Watermelon Wall! We actually met the owner of the home, and he took our picture jumping infront of it which was cool! Check out his instagram ---> watermelonjumps 

Then we headed to the Newseum! It was such an amazing museum, curated so beautifully! There was so much here, and I want to do a blogpost dedicated to it, as well! Here are some sneak peaks to it<3

stay tuned for more :~)))