The Pressure to Be Skinny: Social Media

June 16, 2017

Do we want to be skinny because we want to? Or because that's what we think people want us to be?

I admit it. I subjectify myself to looking at photos of "skinny" girls on instagram, in magazines, on youtube, and wish I looked like them. The effortless look they seem to portray through cute clothing like bikinis, fishnet tights under oversized hoodies, cropped tops, shorts, etc! But what is skinny? Why do we let ourselves subject to such an unhealthy source of what we think beautiful is?

In my opinion, and from experience, I find that social media is a really negative influence on young adults when it comes to weight. Most of the "instagram fame" influencers, are that of "skinny", showing themselves on beautiful tropical vacations in bikinis, in slim fitting designer clothing, and it can make those who don't fit into size 0-2 feel insecure. Not every girl wants to be skinny - including girls who are. I know a handful of thin girls who say they want more fat, and muscle on their body. But either way, most girls want a body they don't have, and they use social media to find girls who do, which brings their self esteem down.

Skinny is just an illusion. Compared to a pole, skinny girls are considered "fat". We need to stop comparing our bodies, our lives, anything against one another! We think skinny is effortless; when a girl is in a bikini on the beach, and doesn't need to "suck in" or sit with a blanket over her stomach. I get it, I've definitely been there. But we have to keep asking the question of 'who made up skinny'? Is better than fat? Models? Photographers? Fashion designers? We can't let people we don't know let us decide how we want to look. The people we love, and who love us, will love us no matter what. 

Going back to the main question of "Do we want to be skinny because we want to? Or because that's what we think people want us to be?" I think deep down, girls want to be skinny because they want cute photos on instagram. But, it's not about being skinny. Be healthy. Eat healthy foods, exercise, have a snack here and there, walk whenever you can, drink water, have a good nigh sleep! I think once we take social media out of the picture, we can be healthy and look the way we are naturally supposed to, and like it. Some bodies aren't made to look a certain way, and that's okay. We need to stop looking at other bodies, other lives, and start sitting in our own minds, and be who we truly are. And that's the you, you will love.