Start of Summer Lookbook //

June 05, 2017

Hey guys!! I'm sharing with you all my first of my summer look books! <3

Enjoy xxx

Swingin' from the fire escape....

I went a little crazy today... a silver bikini top with an orange bomber. But I'm loving it!!! Try pairing something totally different, together, and you can create wonder looks! I'm obsessed with this look because it's such a statement, and head turner! I love the "space" vibes of the bikini top and the bright orange color!

Stay mellow, yellow

I recently got these yellow shorts, and I love them! It was actually part of a set but I wanted to pair it with my own tops. So I decided to add a crochet top - even though the bottoms are eyelet patterned. I think it's okay to match similar textures together, if you do it in the right way!

Cool summer nights, with friends 

This is one of my favorite looks! I actually bought these pieces from Free People, wanting to pair them together. I love the autumn vibes fro this look - with the colors. The top has a beautiful floral print, and a big open slit down the middle. Big open slit-tops are my favorite for this season, because you can wear bralette's with them, making the look so classy and effortless. The shorts are slightly fingered at the bottom, which I love, and are mid rise which allows them to go with anything.