June 07, 2017

My 5 days in Cancùn w/ my bestie Marisol <3

We arrived in Cancún in the evening on Wednesday, which was really pleasant. Usually when I travel, I try to leave early in the morning to have that full day, but instead of leaving early Thursday morning - it made more sense, and was cheaper to fly the afternoon before. We were able to look around, unpack, have dinner, and sleep in before our week of fun <3

On our first day, we did nothing but lay by the beach & pool, and it was heavenly. We stayed at the Marriott CasaMagna hotel, and it was perfect. It was right on the beach, and had a pool close by so you have options! That day, I decided to wear one of my favorite Triangl swimsuits - Paloma - Nero, for those of you who want the name! It was the perfect swimsuit for the first day because the tan lines wouldn't be "abnormal". It's a simple style bikini! 

We got down to the beach around 10 am, after having some breakfast, and made our way up to the pool around 1pm. Of course, I got a tropical drink! My favorite is a Banana Colada :) 

After laying at the pool talking, reading magazines, scrolling through the gram, we went up to the room around 4pm. We had showers, and got ready to go out to La Isla Mall & Market for shopping, and dinner! I wore a cut-out dress orange dress from Urban Outfitters, which I absolutely loooove! The color is so unique, and the shape of the dress is so flattering!

I definitely recommend going down to La Isla Shopping Market if you're in Cancùn! It's a great little area with a ton of shopping, restaurants, souvenir shops, and so much more! For dinner, I had my cheese quesadilla (favorite food!) and chips and guac! The food was great, and we were sitting right on the water which was beautiful! We watched the jet skiers go by wishing ever os much we were out there jet skiing.... stay tuned ;)


The next day, we took our hotel bus to Xcaret park for a day of fun! We got there around 9am, got our lockers, and ran right over to the Dolphin area! Marisol really wanted to swim with the dolphins - who doesn't?!? 

The dolphin experience was FABULOUS! I've swam with dolphins twice before, but this was definitely the best. More than enough time with the dolphins, a lot of interaction with the dolphins, personal time with the dolphins, enough play time, a long dolphin ride, etc! I 100% Xcaret if you're going to the Cancùn area - though it is in Playa Del Carmen. PDC is about an hour from Cancùn, so if you're interested in parks and actives definitely stay around PDC, or rent a car :)

We continued walking around, and finding things we wanted to do! I really wanted to swim in natural pools, and Marisol wanted to swim through caves! So we explored the park a bit - saw sharks, stingrays, turtles, beautiful waters, etc!

Here, I wore a pink triangl bikini that my best friend, Dafina, got me a year ago for my birthday. It's one of my favorites bc I love pink and the triangle style of it :)

We finally found the natural pools but unfortunately the water was too rough and we couldn't swim in them :( but nonetheless, they were beautiful!!! I still cannot get over the view, and how amazing mother nature can be!! <3 <3 

Around 6pm, we headed back to our hotel! We were salty, sun burned, and much happier. We decided to eat dinner at the hotel as we were tired and didn't feel like dressing up! Haa.


The next day, we had a Jet-ski time for 11am. We walked all along the beach, through a gorgeous hotel, to Aquaworld for our ride! It was soooo much fun! It was my first jet-ski ever, and I'm so glad I Marisol convinced me. I was a little nervous about falling off - but if I fell off, I'd just get back up!!

We rode for about 45 minutes, and it was honestly the most fun I've had. The jet-ski, and the dolphins were my favorites. Indescribable fun! Marisol and I each got driving time on the jet-ski, and it was fun going really fast, and then cutting short.

We got back to the hotel around 1pm, and went right to the pool! I wore a cute denim-style bikini from Motel Rocks on Asos! I'm completely in love with the style, and compliments I got in it ;) We hung by the pool for about 4 hours, and then went up to the room. We decided to stay in and order room service. It was actually really cute, we had the tray in-between our beds, and watched a Netflix movie! <3


The next day, we just wanted to lay by the pool! I wanted to completely destress, have a clear mind, for when we go back home. I've been so stressed these past few months, and NY hasn't been very nice or warm, so I wanted to soak every bit of it in.

I'm wearing a one piece swimsuit gifted to me from Boohoo <3

Later on, we went back down to La Isla for food, walking, and to get our hair done. I am literally in love with our hair! Marisol went first, and when I saw hers done I flipped out.


On our last day, and the same day we left. We wanted to walk along the beach, and enjoy some last few hours by the pool <3 

I will miss you Cancùn!!! <3
But stay tuned.... Marisol and I have another trip planned ;) ;) ;) ;)