April 18, 2017

Spent this last weekend in Vegas w/ my best friend, Patty . It was the most relaxing, fun time :)
Much needed ... here's some pics from this weekend xxxx


We arrived in Vegas around 930 am on Thursday morning!! We were staying at The Venetian... which was soo nice! Last time we were here, we stayed at the Cosmopolitan, and this time we wanted to try a new place! It was a bit "chilly" on our first day - windy and low 70's but that didn't stop us from hitting the pool! It was so nice to lay out in the sun, sipping PiƱa Coladas and talking :)

After about three hours of sipping drinks, photos, and pool dipping we went bak up to our hotel and changed to walk along the strip. We weaved in and up the strip, down to the Linq, the Miracle Miles shops, and such. We had dinner plans so we went back to our hotel around 6 to change and get ready.

Jetlag killed us, though, and we were dead asleep by 9pm ;)


It was so nice to sleep 12 straight hours, in a comfy hotel bed, in the warm weather!!! Such a dream. We, of course, went back to the pool. We set up our things early so we could get a good stop in front of the pool! We laid there for, again, three hours or so. The time seemed to pass too quickly, and once again we were off walking the strip.

We got lunch at The Linq.... BBQ... Patty's favorite! The food was amazing! We decided to walk down the opposite side of The Venetian, so on the side of Caesar's Palace. We walked through the Bellagio and to the other side... as in Vegas you have to walk over bridges to essentially cross the street. We ended up catching one of the Bellagio water shows which was lovely!!

After strolling for a bit, we went back to the hotel to change for our 8pm reservations at The Sugar Factory. I mistakenly made the reservation for the Fashion Show Mall location, instead of the Miracle Miles shops... which is the better and more poppin' location if you plan on going ;)


On our third day, we started off by getting our "starbs" and hitting the pool! We stayed for about two hours and then went to Tao Beach. We weren't sure how Tao beach worked but we were told it was free for Venetian guests... girls...? Not sure, but we got in no problem! They had an open bar and good music so it was fun to chill by/in the pool :) Except the fact that my back burnt to a that sun screen tho!

After Tao Beach, we got lunch at the Cravings buffet at The Mirage hotel... which is one of my favorite places to eat! It's about $40 and the food choices, options, and helpings are endless. Meats, salad, pasta, American, Chinese, Italian... all kinds of foods! After lunch, we went to Fremont Street to walk around and we saw they had Ziplining! So we bought tickets for the next day!

We wanted to go to a rooftop bar and so we looked up a cool place off the strip to get a full view of the strop at night. We went to Rio, which is about 15 minutes from our hotel, and to the Voodoo club/lounge. It was SO much fun to dance, take pics, talk! Best night evaaaaaa


Last day.... NOOOOOOOOOO. But we started off with a spa day, for Patty's birthday I got her and I massages. It was heaven and definitely the quickest 50 minutes of our lives. We were totally relaxed. Our ziplining appt was at 3pm so we only had about two hours to lay by the pool, but we ended up coming back later on in the day.

Zip lining was sooo much fun!! They took photos of us, which we didn't know, and it was so cute to see and get them :) After our zip lining, we got lap dances... hahahahaha. Patty made me :P It was fun and worth it, like come on! It's Vegas, baby! It took me like 15 minutes before finally doing it... it wasn't an easy choice. But then, Patty did it, so it was worth it :)

We went back to our hotel, around 5, and went to the pool. We sat and laid by there for about an hour. It was nearly 88 degrees and still warm enough to lay out. We wanted to go to another rooftop lounge on our last night, but this time on the strip. So we wet to Caesar's for dinner, and then to the Bellagio for a late night water show!

Sadly, we were too tired to go to another rooftop lounge. But we had an early flight so it was okay!

Bye, Vegas :( See you in 3 years.