Tips on Starting Your Own Blog

April 24, 2017

Since I did a blog make over (read @ end for more) -- I wanted to give you all some tips for starting your own blog!
Pros, cons, what to do, what not to do and more :)

If you want to start your own blog, there is only one very important rule: Do it because you WANT to. I think there are so many people who create blogs, youtube channels, and even Instagram or Twitters to try and become famous or get free things. That's not what a blogger is about.

Blogging is work, that is lesson #1. It is a lot of work to keep up with a blog that people are going to read. Coming up with ideas is the easy part - at least for me! I'll be sitting on the train, lying in bed, or having a burst of inspiration at 7 in the morning on a Saturday jotting down tons of blog post ideas into the notes app on my phone.

Once you've come up with the blog post idea - it's time to WORK. Now, depending on what kind of blog you want to run (ie. fashion, writing, food, sports, etc) carrying out those ideas will be difficult. For fashion you may have to look for things online, take your own photos, do some editing; same goes with food and sports. You have to know what the food tastes like or which team won the game - before you sit down to write the blogpost.

Once you've come up, in your mind, with a basic outline of how you want your post to look, you have to construct it into a post. What goes first, you might be asking. The most important thing. You want to keep your readers engaged and wanting more. So start off with something big, assure them they did the right thing by clicking on your blogpost. But - you don't want to give them everything and they don't finish you're blogpost. I usually start off with a photo - good lighting, lightly edited, soft filter, and in focus!

Promoting your blog is an important step once you're post is out there. I use Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc to link people to my blog! The goal is to not just get people to look at the blog post, but all of your posts and hopefully subscribe :)

Some No No's ;~)

Don't flake on your blog. Don't post one day, then 3 weeks later, then two days in a row, then five days later. It's too confusing and people will stop looking. There are so many bloggers i LOVE and have stopped reading them because they post so inconsistently.

Don't make your posts toooo long. Nobody wants to read a book-length (dramatic much?) post, or look through 100 photographs. Like I mentioned before -- have the most important parts of your blogpost highlight it, and watch out for over writing.

Just be real - love what you do and why you're doing it. :~)

So I did a blog re-make. I'm no longer dressedbyallie!! I wanted to start a more lifestyle blog to include fashion, but so much more as well ;) Hope you like it xxx

Hope this helped ya out <3
Until next time xxx