Styling My Favorite Hoodies //

April 14, 2017

Hoodies are a really big trend lately; oversized and dress-style, even graphics! I have accumulated some really cute ones that I love styling and want to share it with you in a lookbook <3

This first one is styling one of my favorite Danielle Guizio sweat suits //

Her sweatsuits are so bomb!! They make a great casual outfit, or something to wear chilling at home! You can wear them as a set or separate, the choices are endless xx

This next one is a graphic from urban outfitters //

I love the plain black front, it's so classic and can go with anything. the back says "don't be a stranger" and a print of new york. I absolutely love it, especially as a new york native, and the graphic print is just beautiful! The hoodie is also extremely soft -- almost too soft -- that you can feel like you're wrapped in a cloud!

This next one is my LONDON hoodie, from when I traveled to London //

I love all my travel hoodies -- they're so special to me <3 I've been wearing this one a lot more lately. I love the huge LONDON ENGLAND graphic and the UK flag. 

This next one is a MJ one from urban outfitters //

Michael Jackson is still the king of pop!!!! I love the color, michael jackson font, and the fact that it can be worn as a dress or a hoodie. This will be perfect for the spring/summer time as a dress, I'm super excited for that!

This next one is from Disney World and it's the Disney Hollywood Studios graphic //

Disney is life. Need I say more?? but i love that this one is specific to Hollywood Studios ... I'm still in the MGM squad tho... who else is with me? I still remember when they called it MGM. I love the simplicity of the front... plain gray with "Hollywood Studios" on it. And then the huge graphic of Mickey Mouse with some rides and film graphics on the back. :)

This next one is a bright yellow, cropped hoodie from Urban Outfitters //

I love the color, I was drawn to it right away when I first saw it. It can be worn in so many different styles and for a few different seasons. It's so easy and comfy to throw on with most outfits!

This next one is from Lazy Oaf //

It's obvious I love Mickey Mouse... so this hoodie is perfect for me... especially with the LAZY on it :) I love that it's black and white, it can be worn with anything, and definitely makes a statement.

This last one is an oversized Danielle Guizio hoodie //

I love, like the Michael Jackson & Lazy Oaf hoodie, that it can be worn as a dress or with pants. It's so soft, and I love the plain white color, with the words "don't call don't write" it's so subtle which makes a great every-day where.