Warby Parker & Dressedbyallie

March 26, 2017

I collared with Warby Parker to show you some amazing glasses & give you info on how you can try some of these at home! //

With Warby Parker, you can do a Try-Home with 5 pairs of glasses to test out which glasses you like. You can select from a variety of glasses and pick out your favorites. They will ship it to you within days, maybe 4 at most, and you can have an at home trial for as long as you like.

Once you've found the pair or pairs you like, you can order a prescription (or non prescription pair if you'd like) and permanently purchase one!

Here are a look at some of my favorites out of the five pairs I've picked and ones I would purchase myself. Warby Parker creates a perfect way for you to shop online, and try on, to pick which ones you like. You can style them and wear them however you like to customize which would look just right on you!! 

 "You can style them and wear them however you like to customize which would look just right on you!!" Also be sure to check out their new shades for summer as well!"

See you next time :~)