Charleston, South Carolina

March 23, 2017

A weekend getaway in Charleston, South Carolina //

Day One //

We woke up at 6am for out 9:10 flight! It felt like a vacation because I usually get up at 4:55 am for work sooo... yeah! We hopped into our Carmel car service at 6:30 and drove to the Delta terminal at JFK!! We ate at this sit-down restaurant where you actually order & pay for your food on an iPad and then they bring it to you, it was really neat!

We landed in Charleston at 10:50 am. were at our hotel at 11:20am, and by the pool at 11:45am!!! It felt so nice to be hot and sweaty after struggling in the freezing cold and snow for the last few months in NYC :/ I wore my new Triangl swimsuit that I got for my birthday!

 We stayed at the Courtyard Marriott.... we always stay at Marriotts's because they're the best! They're always so clean, friendly staff, and comfortable rooms and area.

After three hours by the pool, we showered, and took our shuttle bus to downtown Charleston. We were dropped off on the Waterfront, which is right near the water. We walked along the path and fell upon the Pineapple Fountain. It was so cute and we took some blog photos. 

We walked along Bay Street, which is where 99% of the restaurants are. We both wanted a casual place with simple food - not fancy or seafood, so we ended up at New York City Pizzeria, how ironic! But the food was actually really good. We split buffalo wings, a salad, and each had a slice of pizza :)

After devouring our amazing food, we decided to go back to the hotel, it was around 6:30 and we were tired! I ended up getting a chocolate ice cream, so my energy came back, and I headed to the gym at 7:15 pm for a 30 minute workout! With school and work, it's really tough to get to the gym (even though I work at one, lol) but it felt really good. I did 17 minutes to elliptical and 10 minutes on my arms!

I settled in bed with a new episode of The Fosters and fell asleep around 10!

Day Two //

I woke up literally at the crack of dawn, 445!! I couldn't sleep at all. I had a brand deal with Converse and my internship, CollegeFashionista, and had to get photos up on social media so I worked on that while watching some youtube videos until about 7. I decided to go to the gym again - because why not! Mom met me there around 8 and we worked out for a good 40 minutes.

We got some breakfast in the lobby of our hotel - we each had an egg and toast. Mom also had a yogurt. We showered and got ready to go out and explore for the day.

We caught the shuttle to the Waterfront again and started by walking up to King Street, which has shops and food places. We passed by beautiful buildings, which is nearly what this whole little city is made up of. The architecture and landscape of these homes are breathtaking. 

We popped into some stores like Loft, H&M, Urban Outfitters, Lush and a few local boutiques. We both found a couple of things we loved which was really nice!

Today's outfit was one of my favorites--- and I've been waiting to wear it! It was a pink romper with a light weight sweater under, my new white Everlane shoes and my Céline bag!! 

After we did some shopping we walked to Market Street, where if you couldn't guess, they had a market! We did some souvenir shopping and walked to Rainbow Row. Rainbow Row is the street where there are colorful houses - similar idea to the Painted Ladies in San Francisco. 

 The homes in this city, like I mentioned, were unbelievable. So so beautiful! 

After Rainbow Row, we walked back up to a few restaurants before deciding to go to this place called Pearlz. Pearlz is right in between Rainbow Row and where our shuttle bus picks us up which was perfect! I had some Muscles and a side salad; Mom had a soft Taco and soup! 

We headed back to our hotel around 5:30pm. We didn't get lunch so we thought an early dinner would be best. We watched the new episode of SVU at 9 and headed to bed shortly after... it was a long day of walking ;)

Day Three //

Mom had a conference to go to today, so I was on my own until 4! I slept in, only until about 8:30, and relaxed in bed. I headed down to the gym at about 9:30 to do some exercising. I did elliptical and treadmill again! 

I got myself some breakfast - toast and an egg, again! I took a shower and got ready to go out. I took the shuttle bus down to the Waterfront. I walked along the water, back to Rainbow Row, and to get some photos of the beautiful buildings! 

I found a really beautiful beach walkway, that shows views of the water and the homes!!

I found a couple of really cool historical places! 

Most of the buildings in Charleston were some sort of historical place one time or another. I found an old slave trading location which was really powerful to see. I found a memorial to Fort Sumter and George Washington. Fort Sumter was actually the first place the Civil War occurred (first place where guns and bombs went off). I wanted to visit Fort Sumter but unfortunately you had to take a water taxi and I just wasn't up for a whole trip out there.

They preserved many of their cobble stone roads which are so cute to look at and really give this place history and a texture. I found an old Coffee Roasting house as well as an old Exchange location.

I made it back town to Market place, went into a couple of shops, and grabbed a Häagan Dazs smoothie for lunch, then headed back to the hotel.

I got back to the hotel around 3, did some blog and youtube work, as well as work on my travel book! It was really hot out but it was nice to sit outside and get some work done. Mom came back around 4, we watched an episode of SVU and then went out to dinner.

My outfit for that night was a dress from Abercrombie & Fitch, some blue heels from Asos, my Céline bag, and my sunnies from Ray Ban ;)

 We actually went back to NYC Pizzeria -- we sat in the same place with the same waiter, so cute! We tried Uber for the first time and it was so convenient, I have no idea how we never used it before!! Kevin was our first Uber driver ever ;)

We got back to the room at about 7 and crashed at 10, as per usual ;)

Day Four //

It was our last day here :( Mom had a mini conference today 8am - 11:30 am, which was good. We ended up packing, taking some blog photos, and relaxing by the pool until we had to leave.

Our hotel was only about 20 minutes from the airport, and our flight is at 4:45, so we left at 2:30! 

Thanks for the mem's Charleston <3