J.W Marriott Los Cabos Hotel Tour

January 09, 2017

I had the privilege of staying at the J.W in Los Cabos this past week. This resort is breathtaking and I had such an amazing time!!! I needed to share with you this beautiful hotel and recommend you all stay if you're planning a trip to Los Cabos <3 <3 

Some of the views when you first walk through the lobby.
You're greeted by a beautiful shot of an infinity (non-swimming) pool, palm trees, and a look out onto the horizon. The entire resort is mostly made of various kinds and shades of marble which makes for an elegant, classy, and expensive look. The marble really extenuates the beauty of the water as well as the sky.



Here's a look at the many pools. There are 6 pools and 2 hot tubs, which is great, because they never get to crowded! I prefer the long, rectangular, infinity adult pool. It has a bar, great view of the beach, and is on the side so it's very quite. 

Here's a look walking throughout the resort ...

xoxo Allie