Spirited Away //

December 27, 2016

I want to share some of my favorite pants & ways to style them :~)

Outfit #1 //

I'm wearing these dope velvet culottes from Zara. I adore the color and style! They fit a little wide - which an be off putting because it makes me look....bigger... but none the less I still think they're great! Sold bodysuits, tees, sweaters, would go great with these style of pants. For shoes, flats, booties, and sandals are the best!!

Outfit #2

This pair of pants is from Topshop (I also have them in black) and they're one of the most comfy and loose pairs I own! The color of these are so nice and can be styled in so many ways for the Fall time!! This is a more dressed up look but I really love it! I'm wearing a black tube top with an attached choker to it from Asos. This top is one of my faves as it can really be dressed up or down! It's so comfortable and stylish! I'm wearing some Asos boots with studs along it!

Outfit #3

This next pair is from Brandy Melville. These are one of my favorites and I wear them all the time! These are easy to style with anything as they're black & white. Crop tops, sweaters, blues, pinks, whites, and more! I love the striped pattern, as well, it's very flattering :)

Outfit #4

This next pair, also from Zara, is one of my favorites to also wear all the time. I love that they're velvet + high wasted + cropped at the bottom! These are best to style with bodysuits & crops tops. I love the wear these because they're so comfortable and can be worn with anything!

Hope you enjoyed... see ya next time :)