Potted Memories //

December 17, 2016

I want to share with you all some of the places I've been - my favorites mostly - and why you need to travel there too ❤️

In the U.S

- Oahu, Hawaii 

Hawaii is one of my favorite places to go. I've been to Oahu twice and I feel like I already know it!
It's such a beautiful and calming place to be. Everyone has a loving and chill vibe which is great to be around! In Oahu, I've climbed Diamond Head, went snorkeling with fish, shopping of course, down town for dinner, and drives along cliffs.

- San Francisco, California

I've been to San Fran about 3 times, and actually, just came back from a trip there. It's one of my favorite places, tbh! I love the city vibe to it but still has California imprinted within it. I loved shopping in Union Square, being by the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz, walking along the piers to Fisherman's Warf, and the Painted Ladies of course :~)

- Los Angeles, California

LA is always one of my favorite places to go. I love it so much over there. It's so relaxing and I feel like I can breathe there. The sun is always out and beautiful, the salty ocean is in the air, and people are so friendly and happy. My favorite things, and must see's, for LA are 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica Pier, Hollywood Walk of Fame, LACMA, Abbott & Kinney BLVD, and so many more!!

 - Washington D.C, USA

One of my favorite places- and a place I would consider moving to. This is the center of our nation's history and government. It's so cool there and I love it!! My favorite places are the Lincoln Memorial, Abe Lincolns home, The Pentagon, Library of Congress, White House, National Mall, Air & Space Museum, Fords Theater, & the U.S Capital.

- Disney World, Florida

- New York City, New York

Since I was born here & I live here, I had to include NYC! What I love most about the city is it's speed. Everyone's always at a fast pace and the city is never dead. It's easy to hop on a bus/train and get to wherever you want to go. "You're on your own, but never alone" is a great quote I read about NYC years ago and it definitely sticks. So I'm going to list some non-tourist places that are a must to go to! Union Square, Soho, Shake Shack, East Village, Upper East Side, East 86th Street, West Village, West 72nd Street, Chelsea, Midtown on East 23rd Street, Battery Park, and so many more! NYC has great places on the outskirts of all the naturally tourist-y places :)

Outside of the US 

- Venice, Italy

Venice is such a beautiful and magical place. It's breath taking. While I was there I couldn't believe it. Everywhere you turn there's water, bridges, beautiful buildings. We were there for four days and it was a perfect amount of time! I recommend going to the Island of Burano, San Marco, Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, Dorsodoro, and just explore on your own! It's so much fun-- just don't get get lost ;)

Rome, Italy

I've been to Rome twice and I love it so much! It's so beautiful and has so much history wrapped within it! We took a hop on/off bus service around the city and it was a great way to get around and see alot! I reccoment The Trevi Fountain, Vatican City, Villa Borghese, Mouth of Truth, Colosseum, Piazza Novana, Trastevere, and so many more :)

- Connemara, Ireland

Connemara, oh Connemara, how wide and spacious you are. As a city girl, traveling here was a huge culture shock as it was in the middle of nowhere ;) But it was beautiful and a great experience! Here I would recommend Sky Road, Kyliemore Castle Renvyle Beach, and Roundstone.

- Galway, Ireland

Galway was a really cool place to go to! It was more of a city and had a lot of character to it. Here, I recommend seeing the Cliffs of Moher, Quay Street, Spanish Arch, and the Latin Quarter!

- Nassau, The Bahamas

I've only ever been to Nassau, Bahamas to the Atlantis Resort and it's one of my favorite places to go. It's so fun, relaxing, and a chill spot to go for like 5 days! I've been to the city area to shop as well!

- Ulqin, Montenegro 

I visited my friend who's from Kosovo -- in Kosovo and we traveled to Ulqin for a few days to lay by the beach and chill! It was a really neat little place and I'm so glad I went. The water and scenery was breath-taking. Of course, I recommend beaching it during the day and walk around the towns in the evening :)

- London, England 

I sadly only was in London for a day, but I did so much, and one day is better than no day!! London was so great and I definitely want to go back. The architecture there is so beautiful and they preserve their history beautifully. In London you must see the Tower Bridge, London Eye, Piccadilly Circus,  West Minster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the Big Ben!!!


Places I want to go...... Australia, France, Germany, Norway, Poland, Austria, Fiji, Prague, China, New Zealand, The Maldives, Mexico, Bora Bora.... and many more <3