Christmas in New York City //

December 06, 2016

A guide through New York City at Christmas time //
its the most wonderful time of the year

I'm so blessed to live in New York City during its most beautiful time of the year --- Christmas time!! 

I want to take you on a little tour of the city during this time and show you some of the best places & places you have to go during this time of year if you plan on visiting //

Radio City Music Hall //

How can you visit NYC during the holiday time and not see the rockettes?? I have had the fortunate luck of knowing the owners of RCMH so I go every year and have gone every year for about 16 years!! They make every show so special and really bring out the Christmas spirit. Rockettes, Santa, The Nutcracker; so much greatness!!!!

Rockefeller Tree //

Of course, this was on my list! The tree is such a fun thing to see and it's so beautiful. Again, I recommend going during the week mid-day if you want to get great photos and have it be not too crowded!! 

Christmas Tree Village in Union Square //

This is similar to Bryant Park, but still different. They act more like a village and have different shops and snacks! I'm usually down here almost every day, so I often walk through, and it's so festive and fun!

Macy's //

Macy's is such a great place to go! The inside of their store is so beautiful... they really go all out for the holidays! The outside has window's decorated for the holiday's that tell a little Christmas story! I suggest going during the day when it's less crowded... although the lights at night but look a lot cooler :)

fifth ave //

fifth avenue is such a beautiful time this time of year as so many department stores have decorations and lights on their buildings! The Plaza, Tiffanys, Sax's, and Cartier have great decorations outside of their stores and make it so magical to walk through while shopping! I recommend starting from E. 59th street and walking to 42nd street  !!!!

bryant park christmas shops

bryant park is a great place to go during the holidays. it's at the end of the Fifth Ave shops at 42nd street and 6th ave (you have to walk up one ave). they have a ton of little booths to go in and out of featuring clothes, jewelry, snacks, trinkets, and more!

bryant park also has a skating rink which makes it extra christmas-y and more fun! you can do two fun things! the line and wait for skating isn't too bad - i would reccomend a weekday as the weekends tend to be more crowded!!

some extra christmas-y things i've seen!

Hope you enjoyed these beautiful parts of the city during such a magical time (how cheesy did that sound but it's true!) of course there are tons of more places in the city but these are my favorites.... till next time :~)