Urban Outfitters Fall Lookbook //

November 10, 2016

Hey guys!! I'm doing a lookbook on some pieces from Urban Outfitters for the Fall time!!

I'm doing this lookbook to show some of my favorite pieces from Urban for the Fall as well as how to style them to be warm & cute ;~))) 

Look #1

For this first look, everything (except for the Calvin Klein shoes) is urban!!! I'm styling this really cute pair of trousers with a graphic GIRLS tee! it gives is such an effortless, still stylish, look. I added a red flannel over for a pop of color and some warmth! I love these sunglasses, they're so cool, and they remind me of John Lennon kinds!

Look #2

For this next look I'm styling the same pants from above with a tee shirt from Urban as well as a crop top. I layered the crop top over it for some extra style! It can be worn on its own - as you will see later - but I really like it over a tee too!

Look #3

For this next look all (but my ASOS shoes) are Urban as well. I'm wearing the crop top on its own with some high wasted red jeans. I really like this combination, its really sexy, and different for me!!!

Look #4

This last look is styling a graphic tee - Led Zeppelin - with a pink slip dress, tucked into some black high wasted jeans, all by Urban! My shoes are the Calvin Klein's again :~) I really like this look - it's edgy and different. I got a lot of compliments on this look!! 

&&& Some of my favorite Urban accessories--

hope you enjoyed !!!!!! some links to my faves are below :~)

xoxoxox Allie