A Layered Lookbook

November 25, 2016

I'm going to be doing a lookbook for styling layered pieces. 

I bought some new pieces from Urban Outfitters and I want to style them for you here and show you some easy ways to layer your outfits for the chilly months coming soon :~)))

This first look features some Urban Outfitter's pieces! A graphic tee under a very cropped long sleeve top. I'm wearing some black and white checkered trousers, which are cute!! I also have my Calvin Klein flats on as it wasn't too cold that day!

This next look features - some more UO pieces - a graphic tee, a pink slip top, and some jeans! I really like pairing this slip top over graphic tees! It brings out any outfit and makes it pop. It also just changes up my style, as sometimes I tend to dress the same. A simple slip dress/top can make a huge difference :)

This next look is a more simpler look! I'm wearing a long-sleeved black & white top from Marshalls with an Opening Ceremony tee over it! I've seen a few people with this tee style it this way and its really cute! I wore it with some simple jeans from Acne and a leather jacket from Urban Outfitters w/ some awesome fringe! Long sleeved tops are the easiest to layer because anything can go over them + you're staying really warm when it's cold out.

This next look features a more simple & casual layering. I'm wearing a black long-sleeved top from Zara with some jeans from Alexander Wang. I tied a flannel, as you can see, from Urban Outfitters, around my waist. This is a way to bring color to the outfit while carrying an extra layering piece on those cold days! For a coat, I'm wearing a fur one from Nasty Gal !!! Flannels are probably the easiest form of layering because they're so comfy and they go with pretty much anything! They're also really cute on & tied around your waist. While wearing it, I decided to tie it at the middle, which adds a bit of my own style + twist to it :)

This last look features a different kind of layering -- I took an Urban Outfitters dress which is a turtle neck + long sleeved and added a Brandy Melville sweater over so it's a little warm and adds some texture to the look. With this outfit, I'm wearing some boots from Circus with really cool studs on the back! Dresses are a great form of layering (as you also saw with the slip dress) because it's sad when it's no longer warm to wear our favorite dresses- you can just add layers over to still wear it!!

Hope you enjoyed this look..... see you next time :~)))0