San Francisco

October 25, 2016

This past weekend my best friend, her sister, and I traveled to San Francisco. It was such a great weekend get away and we got travel prices for real cheap - which was awesome :~)


Up at 4:30 am we headed out to JFK airport Delta Terminal! We took a 7am flight to be in San Francisco at 1030 am - we actually got there 35 minutes early :)

I had an interesting woman next to me-- she was an elder asian woman doing some yoga poses in her seat, massaging her feet, and sleeping with her head on the TV... but she was adorable. She even offered me strawberries which was so sweet! 

We arrived at our hotel - The Courtyard Marriott in Union Square and had to change in the bathroom down stairs because our room wasn't ready. We headed out to Lemonade, which is a great lunch spot! I had it in January in LA and it was great! I had a Mac & Cheese and Guava Limade.... delicious!

We took the Big Bus hop on/off bus to the Golden Gate bridge. It was so windy and foggy we swore it snowed on our heads going over!! It was beautiful there... even with the fog blocking most of the bridge! We were there for atleast an hour and then we headed off to the next bus stop - Lombard Street.

We walked up this steep steep hill to the top of Lombard Street. This is where I said "Oh my good turn around!" in the most shocked, but serious, tone. I was amazed on the height of the hill and the view below us. Lombard Street was beautiful, filled with gorgeous flowers, buildings, and the crooked-ness of the road.


After our visit to Lombard Street we actually walked about 30 minutes back to our hotel. It wasn't too bad, except for a couple of high hills. But it was fun-- that's San Francisco!!! We changed into cute outfits and went out to Union Square - went into some shops and had dinner at the top of Macy's at The Cheesecake Factory!


On Saturday, we got up early, and went to Starbucks for breakfast. We walked to the Hop On/Off bus again and went to our 10:30 time for Alcatraz! It was really cool to be there. We took a 10 minute boat ride - running back and forth between sides to look at the Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate Bridge ;) When we got there we received headsets and it guided us throughout the Alcatraz and it was amazing. To see the actual prison cells, wards, offices, and land was incredible. It was like nothing changed and it's apart of history, really cool.

After about two hours, we walked down the piers to Fisherman's Warf. We stopped along the way to buy some aquarium tickets and in some souvenir shops. We went to In N Out for lunch - which is the best burger place! We walked to a candy story, more souvenir shops, and then to the Hop On/Off bus again. 

We went back to the Golden Gate Bridge and this time we had a seat at the front on the top! This time was much better than Friday because there was no fog. The view was unbelievable. So beautiful, peaceful, natural. The water was calm and serene. This would be amazing to see everyday.

After the bridge we took the bus back to our hotel where we changed for the night. It was really cold and we were really tired so we took a cab back near the piers and went into the closest place and then took a cab back home. We knocked out right away -- that means it was a successful day!! 


Our last day :(

Again we went to Starbucks for breakfast! We then went right to the Bus Bus to Alamo Square aka The Painted Ladies. The buildings were beautiful. The park was closed off for renovations but we still got a piece of the park and a great view. 

 We walked about 20 minutes to the Full House House- it was horrible. PURPLE?! Are you kidding? Why would someone buy a house used in a such iconic piece of television if they didn't want people coming by etc. But there was also construction. Sad :(

We walked back to the Hop On/Off bus and went to Haight and Ashbury for shopping. It's the Soho of San Fran! We ate at a really cute burger/sandwich/pizza place. We shopped at Wasteland, a vintage shop, X Generation, some shoe stores, and American Apparel. We didn't buy too much but it was fun to look and walk around.

Then, we took a cab back to Pier 33. We walked to the Aquarium and saw cute little fishes, stingrays, sharks, and otters. SO cute!! We saw a bunch of naked people.... some pantied and some not. We have no idea why - there was at least 100 people. So weird. We decided to get tickets for the San Fran Dungeon. It was SO much fun. Scary, creepy, great! We also got free tix for the Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum. It was pretty fun and we had a good time ;)

We walked all the way down to Ghirardelli Square, we got some chocolate, and took a Trolly or Cable Car ride back. We got Jack In The Box for dinner... went casual and simple. It was a great ending to an amazing trip!