Designer Outpost #2 // Elizabeth & James

October 14, 2016

here's another post in my "designer outpost" series :~)

Elizabeth & James //

This is one of my favorite brands! I love Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and totally adore and admire their style and lifestyle! Their clothing pieces are not totally out of my price range--- I have bought a lot of their pieces on sale or at sample sales which is cool. I also got a really beautiful top for my birthday from my mom which is from one of their new collections :~))

Their quality is fabulous! It's definitely worth the money and is very rich and thick - so not too thin and won't get stretched out or ruined in the wash!

They are a contemporary brand so they are in the $200-$800 price range. Tops/pants are between $200-$450 while their jackets/purses etc are a bit more pricey.


lookbook //