New Kylie Lip Kits //

August 11, 2016

Hey guys! I recently made an order on and got some of her new and old lip kits! This is collective over a month or so... not all in one purchase xx

Mary Jo K

I'm really digging this color! I love bright reds for the Fall time and thought I would purchase it for the upcoming months :)


This is my new favorite color!! It reminds me of Posie K (which is my favorite) but a little more amplified and pink! 

Posie K Gloss

Like I just mentioned Posie K lip kit is my favorite so when she came out with the gloss I had to jump on it and get it! I wasn't a fan of her glosses at first (So Cute I had) but I like this color and the formula is a lot more consistent and less sticky!


I'm obsessed with her metals so although this color (blue/black) is a little out there and less wearable I still really wanted it. It's a fun color and I actually got a lot of compliments when I wore it :)


This is a really cool gloss color. It's a basic gold/glittery color. When I was younger I loooved colors like this bc I remember Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen wore colors like this... hehe! It's really dope and I love the look... definitely Poppin' ;)


Lord is another one of her metal's in her collection... again I love all the metals so naturally I had to buy this color. It's limited edition until August 10th so I wanted to get it asap!


I love dark reds (like I mentioned with Mary Jo K) so I really wanted to get Leo while it was still available. It's a beautiful red wine color that I'm really hyped to wear in the Fall time. I can see this looking great some black jeans, a graphic tee, + boots :~)

thanks for viewing.... have a lovely day xx