June 14, 2016

My trip to Venice, Italy :~)
This is one of the most beautiful places I've seen !!!! 

--- Rome post coming soon at the end of the week... along with a fashion post :~))))


We stayed at an airbnb in Dorsodoro which was amazing!!! It was in a quieter part of Venice and only about a 20 minute walk from the center (St. Mark's Square). It was such a beautiful area filled with many bridges, restaurants, cafes, water buses and more! I would definitely recommend this area as you can experience life in Venice while still being a tourist!

San Marco

San Marco was a beautiful square filled with beautiful churches, buildings, and monuments. There are a ton of shops, gondola rides, restaurants, and everything else you can think of down there! We went there each day for shopping and fun; and each night for dinner and walks. It was amazing to see all the history and architecture of this square.

Island of Burano

Burano is a beautiful island a bit above the Dorsodoro and St. Marks area. It was about an hour and a half away but so much fun. It has beautiful colorful buildings that were amazing to look at. We were dreaming of actually living in one of them! People filled the streets with selfie sticks, polaroids, and cameras to capture the essence the buildings made us all feel. Free. Fun. Alive.

And everywhere in between <3

next stop..... roma xxxx :~)))