Governors Ball 2016 //

June 06, 2016

I'm so grateful to have been able to attend Governors Ball yet again :~) I attended for only one day last year and I was able to attend two days this year! I was going to buy a three day pass but I couldn't find anyone to go for day 2 and I wasn't dying to see anyone day 2 anyways, hehe xxx

governors ball is definitely my favorite festival! i've only been to coachella & gov ball for two years; but if I had to choose one I would definitely choose gov ball. they always go above & beyond, make it cute and fun, have games, good music, good food, good vibes... etc! it's such a chill environment!!

sadly day 3 was cancelled today due to rain but i'm so glad i got to go to day1!! x but none the less here are some pics from friday :~)