Trip to Massachusetts //

February 14, 2016

Hey guys... this past weekend I was away in Massachusetts doing a little sightseeing/shopping in Boston & cleaning out my grandfather's house in Chicopee... it was a nice little weekend getaway.. and one of the best parts was the hot tubs in the hotel's during this frigid weekend ;~)

Boston // 

We stayed at a great Marriott hotel that had a mall in it as well as a connecting tunnel to another mall. We did some shopping and I bought a lot of cute pieces. We ate dinner at California Pizza Kitchen which is one of my favorite places to eat, and then we hit the hot tub, it was amazing! I did some swimming in the pool and got some cool footage with my GoPro! The next morning we walked around Harvard University, took some photos, had some breakfast at the Panera and headed to Chicopee, Mass!

Chicopee // 

We got to Chicopee around 12pm and spent a couple of hours cleaning out my grandfather's house. We went for lunch at Applebees around 2pm and spent until 6pm cleaning again. I didn't get to many photos as we were mainly cleaning and by the time is was 6pm is was below 0 degrees and too cold! We got to our hotel, had some dinner, went to the hot tub and then watched Full House until we crashed! Today (sunday) we did some more cleaning and then drove back to the city. I got some really good outfit posts done and such that will be up in a few weeks. We drove to a mall & did a bit of shopping (just Forever 21 + Bath & Body Works) and got home a couple of hours ago :~))

Stay tuned for more posts coming soon... plus a Massachusetts video coming soon on youtube!!! xxx

- xoxo Allie
(ps. happy v-day) ;~)