Merci Beaucoup //

February 22, 2016

I'm doing a lil Parisian style look today for you babes :~) I'm dying to go to Paris (and everywhere else in France) and have been pretty obsessed with the idea lately. I put together this outfit with a Parisian girl style in mind, so I hope you like it xoxo. This is one of my favorite looks <3 <3

For this look, I went with staple pieces that a French girl wears. I gathered my black colors and denim to create this beautiful look. I'm wearing a long sleeve Brandy Melville top. I notice that most Parisian styles have a white or black top. I also notice how most of them wear denim.... so naturally I have on my jeans that are from Topshop. They also style the bandanas around their neck quite lovely... so I added a black + white one from Brandy Melville. Every Parisian girl must have a Chanel. Chanel is Paris! Chanel is France! So I'm carrying my lovely Chanel baby :~) I'm also wearing some Jeffrey Campbell heels, for some more attitude! 

Hope you enjoyed this look, babes!!! :~)