50 Facts About Me!

February 18, 2016

Hey guys :~) I'm doing a more personal little post today!! I feel like I share a lot of who I am through my clothes which reflects my self-expression, but that's really it. I wanted to do a 50 facts about me post because I think they're so fun to read & so you can learn more about me :~))

1. I was born in Brooklyn, New York.
2. I attend a fashion school in New York City
3. I've attended three different colleges, one being in Las Vegas.
4. I lived in Las Vegas for a year.
5. Popcorn is my favorite food.
6. I'm obsessed with Starbucks.
7. I'm obsessed with Juice Generation
8. I love really cold weather, mainly because I always feel hot.
9. I do the adult coloring books because they're so fun.
10. My two best friends and I all have birthdays no more than one week apart.
11. I always have to carry a pack of gum and water with me.
12. Friends is my favorite TV show.
13. I know 99% of the lines in every Friends episode.
14. I'm obsessed with vinyls and record players.

15. I hate wearing backpacks.
16. I have severe diagnosed anxiety. 
17. I have a tattoo of my zodiac sign on my right wrist.
18. Santa Monica, California is one of my favorite places on Earth.
19. I'm a Marilyn Monroe fanatic and ran a Marilyn Monroe blog for 4 years.
20. I collect vintage camera
21. I secretly wish I looked like Dakota Fanning or Shailene Woodley.
22. My style can change from grunge, to preppy, to sporty, within minutes
23. My favorite stores of all time are Nasty Gal, Urban Outfitters, Free People, and Topshop
24. I always order from the secret menu at Starbucks.
25. I work at basketball games at a university in Brooklyn.

26. I was a nanny for a while
27. My first concert was Madonna.
28. Ryan Reynolds is my celebrity crush.
29. Mac & Cheese is also one of my favorite foods.
30. I can't cook
31. I hate cooking!
32. Miley Cyrus will always be my favorite singer.
33. If I could, I would buy everything from Chanel and Moschino, they're my two favorite designer brands.
34. I love the names Kendall and Christie.
35. I still think Drake and Josh is one of the best shows ever.
36. I'm addicted to watching Aspen & Parker's blogs on youtube
37. I hate the snow and rain.
38. I love dancing
39. My ideal partner is someone like Chandler Bing.
40. I love anything pink, gold, and white.
41. I love swimming.
42. My nails are always painted.
43. Chokers are my favorite form of jewelry.
44. I always have to have a case on my iPhone.
45. I shop online way more than I should.
46. I love anything graphic.
47. I'm obsessed with Etsy.
48. I wish I could be a minimalist but I'm too much of a hoarder.
49. I love photos of NYC during the 50s and 60s.
50. I wish I could draw, but I'm a terrible artist!

Hope you guys enjoyed this cute post :~) I thought it was something different than what I normally do but I love these kinds of things :)))
- xoxo Allie