vintage tee's & bruised knees

January 31, 2016

Hey guys!! I put together this really cute outfit together and I had to get it photographed!! I'm obsessed with this look and I really felt I was able to show what I want my true style to be 

This outfit is so cute/fun/edgy and such and it kind of happened accidentally :~) I've been wanting to wear these ripped jeans for a while but it's been too cold and it was much warmer today, soooo here ~~ They're Unif Billie jeans and they're so comfy and loose to wear. I styled this with my new Harley Davidson shirt I bought from Wasteland in LA, it's vintage, it's cute and I love it!! I tied it on the side to make it a bit cropped & cutier. I'm wearing a choker from Topshop, it's my fave, and I love wearing it with tees! For shoes I've got on some heeled shoes from H&M, they don't look like they would be from H&M but they are and they're super cute :~)) I'm wearing my favorite leopard fur New Look jacket!!!! I just love the texture addition of the fur and the color as well. I literally pair it with everything and it looks so cute. This is one of my favorite outfits and I hope you like it too ~~ 

Hope you guys liked this look:~)))

- xoxo Allie