vintage tee's & bruised knees

January 31, 2016

Hey guys!! I put together this really cute outfit together and I had to get it photographed!! I'm obsessed with this look and I really felt I was able to show what I want my true style to be 


January 24, 2016

Hey guys!! Today I'm showing you guys my cute outfit today featuring a new tee I recently got!! It's The Olsen Twins looking "tough" with thug life on it, it's so cute, and I'm obsessed with The Olsen's!

California Travel Diary //

January 15, 2016

Here's a look at the beautiful California.... <3 So sad to be gone :(

2015 Favorite Outfits!!!

January 13, 2016

Here are some of my favorite outfits from 2015!!! Enjoy and I hope you all had a safe New Year's Eve as well as a happy 2016!!! Love you guys xoxo


xoxo Allie

Marilyn Monroe Look

January 12, 2016

 -- Amazing photo credit to Jessicka for making this for me a few years ago:) --

Open for goodies ;)

NYC // Union Square

Hey guys!! I wanted to do a post on Union Square and continue my little NYC series. Union Square is one of my favorite places and I thought I would take some photos of it and share them with you :~)

Enjoy!!! 💚🍎🗽

LA Chronicles Part 2//

January 05, 2016

More of lala land <3

LA Chronicles //

January 01, 2016

I wanted to share my day from

yesterday and the day before... these posts are about a day behind because... well... I'm
trying to actually enjoy being in LA without having a phone/camera in my hand and running home to upload them on my computer. Today's society is so focused on getting things on video/camera that they forget to live in the moment!! So on the 27th, I did some shopping on Melrose, and took the gorgeous photos below, with the pink background there, and went over to The Grove for some more shopping and lunch at the Maggiano's. Maggiano's is my favorite Italian restaurant on the Las Vegas strip and was so happy to found it here :) We headed over to Santa Monica to do my Marilyn Monroe photoshoot, then back to the hotel to rest, and then to a nice restaurant for dinner.