Marilyn Monroe Look

January 12, 2016

 -- Amazing photo credit to Jessicka for making this for me a few years ago:) --

Open for goodies ;)

Hey guys!! So you may or may not know that I'm a Marilyn Monroe fanatic and while I'm in LA I'm doing things Marilyn related too!! Marilyn Monroe did a photoshoot with photographer George Barris, on the Santa Monica beach, in July of 1962 and I thought I'd reciprocate it! I want to reciprocate some of the NYC photos she has done with photographer Sam Shaw... so stay tuned in the future for those!!! I would have to say Sam Shaw & George Barris are my two favorite Marilyn Monroe photographers! I ran a Marilyn Monroe blog --> but have recently stopped to focus on other parts of my life but Marilyn will always be a big part of it. So here are some photos of Marilyn's photoshoot and mine!! I'm not trying to look/act like her... in a few photos I'm trying to reciprocate poses but I'm merely doing this for fun. :) It was also at sunset on the beach in December here and it was about 40 degrees so I was freezing and had numb toes... but it was all worth it! ;~) Hope you enjoy!!!!

Marilyn--- ❤️
(all photo rights go to George Barris)

Mine :)

"There was nobody like Marilyn Monroe. There never was and there never will be.” - George Barris