LA + Santa Monica //

December 30, 2015

Exciting things...

Christmas in Disneyland

December 27, 2015

Sadly my little Christmas trip in Disneyland has come to and end...but I'm in LA now for a few days and I'm excited for that :) I compiled a bunch of photos I took at Disney for you guys, they were all with my phone as I didn't want to bring my camera with me. I'm also going to be doing a video on my youtube of California so stay tuned for that. 

Disneyland Day 1

December 24, 2015

So happy to be back in Cali!! Today's short lil post is my first day in Cali, my outfit for tonight, as well as a look @ Downtown Disney! :)

Graphic Hoodie Collection

December 19, 2015

Hey guys!! I'm leaving for LA tomorrow so for today I thought I'd put up kind of a fun and random post. It's my graphic hoodie collection.

5th Avenue Love //

December 09, 2015

Hey guys!! Today's post is going up a bit later because I only just got home. Every Winter my mom and I like to walk down 5th avenue and do some shopping and also look at the cute holiday decorations and such.


December 05, 2015

Hey guys!! I wanted to share this cute outfit with you all today! I'm wearing this long sweater from Urban Outfitters that says Song of a Nutcracker which is from Elf!